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Discussion in 'Trip Reports & Member Reviews' started by Sean&Karen, May 5, 2008.

  1. Kiki

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    Is there an official, up-to-date itinerary somewhere?
  2. Kiki

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    Is there up-to-date information about TMIP events?
  3. I would assume that would be the most updated schedule. There was a thread here a while ago. Worse comes to comes worse ask Tim
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  4. NitroStitch

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    Yes I am - very convenient place to stay for MouseFest - easy access to two parks and MegaMouse Meet!  Are you DVC too?
  5. Yup. And we are lucky enough that Boardwalk is our DVC home! See you there!
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  6. NitroStitch

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    My home resort as well - see you soon!
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  7. Roger

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    Ultra LUXiF discontinued, pan tilt answer.

    Did they d/c that tripod? Not sure if I can find it on B&H site anymore.

    Update: Correct, it's discontinued. ... _with.html

    Anyway: A pan/tilt head is one that allows one axis to go on the horizon axis (pan) and another separate axis to move the camera towards the perpendicular (tilt). They usually have a handle on them to make it easier to pan, and the tilting is usually done by unscrewing a lock slightly, tilting it up, and then tightening it back down. In the example case, they have a handle for the tilt as well.

    Example: [attachment=1] ... TRIPD.html

    Ball Head:

    The plate rests over a head that is on a ball in cup locking system. This is more compact, and is easier to quickly level for odd tripod angles, but is usually more difficult to pan with as the ball system is easier to tilt at the same time as panning. The pistol grip systems are glorified ball heads with a convenient method to quickly lock and unlock the head in position.

    Example:[attachment=2] ... _Head.html

    Pistol Grips:

    [attachment=3] ... lhead.html

    This one can go vertical like the one above as well by moving the plate, which can be done with the included screws. ... lhead.html

    [This attachment has been purged. Older attachments are purged from time to time to conserve disk space. Please feel free to repost your image.]
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  8. Woah. Information overload! I think im just going to stick with my tripod the way it came. Right now my focus is on the white balance filter!

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