Would you buy this from me, and for how much?

Discussion in 'Buying and Selling' started by WillCAD, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Grumpwurst

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    What I want to know is where did you get a camera to do your first test run with. I would've just been a wreak worried that the strap would break or the camera would come off the rig and crash to the ground.
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  2. WillCAD

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    I've been sewing things with nylon webbing for almost 20 years. I know how strong the webbing is and how strong the seams are when they're sewn correctly.

    Besides, I grabbed the snaps with my hands and pulled hard enough to pull my shoulders out of the sockets before I put the camera on it for the first time.
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    Yes, thank you. I would never wear an 'x' strap in the front.

    I have a Lowepro Sling bag that has a stabilizer strap that crosses your torso to keep the bag centered and stabilized on your back - and I don't use it because it cuts right across the "geography". Not only unflattering but also very uncomfortable.
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  4. WillCAD

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    Okay, after talking with some people and having a few try it on, I think the best solution is to leave the chest strap off. My ealier prototypes didn't have one and they seemed to work pretty well. I added the chest strap to add some stability and keep the shoulder straps from falling off the shoulders when you raise the camera, but if you shorten the straps a little so there isn't as much slack, they stay on okay without the chest strap.
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    Will - what about an optional chest strap ? Maybe secured with velcro or a hook ? It seems like the extra stability would be a good thing, and some people would definately want it.
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  6. WillCAD

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    The chest strap was a response to a problem with slippage; when I arrived at my final design, I found that the shoulder straps slipped off my shoulders sometimes when I raised the camera to my eyes to take a picture. I solved the slippage problem by adding the chest strap. Slippage was never a problem in the rest position, or when walking, only when I raised the camera to take a pic.

    None of my early prototypes had the chest strap, and slippage was never a problem with them until the final design. After all the complaints on the boards about the chest strap, I went back to the drawing board and re-evaluated the design. I tried the harness on a few other people, and found that slippage was not a design flaw, but was caused by the fact that I had adjusted the shoulder straps too long, and there was too much slack in them.

    Once I snugged the shoulder straps, the slippage problem went away, and the chest strap became unnecessary.

    I haven't tested the concept on rough terrain like a mountain hike, but on regular terrain it's steady as a rock. As long as straps are adjusted snugly so that the camera sits on your stomach, just above the belt line, you can walk around all day and never worry about the slippage problem. I've worn my prototypes to WDW, to Hershey Park, to the National Mall and its various monuments and museums, and on a couple of paid photo shoots. Not only did they work fabulous, but they never drew a second glance or mention from anyone; I had actually been a little worried that people might laugh at me when I wore it.

    So, with the removal of the chest strap, I believe I have finalized my design, and I've even had my first order! But even so, I'm not quitting my day job just yet...
  7. WillCAD

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    Well, after having a dozen or more people express interest in my camera harness at MouseFest, I have put together a page for them on my web site and I'm taking orders:


    I have high hopes that I'll get a bunch of orders from people who inquired about it at MouseFest!
  8. Grumpwurst

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    What is the Belt Suspender Strap?
  9. WillCAD

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    That's an optional strap that clips onto the d-ring in the back of the harness and runs down your back to hook onto your belt. It's like a pair of suspenders in the back, and transfers some of the weight from the harness onto your belt if you have a REALLY heavy camera.
  10. Grumpwurst

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    Thanks Will!

    Lots of great options. I'll be discussing this purchase with my wife
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  11. WillCAD

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    No, don't do that! Wives have to say no whenever you ask permission to buy something for yourself, it's in the Bylaws!

    Of course, if you're buying one for each of you, then it's a couples purchase, which is allowed in the Wife Bylaws, as long as it's something she actually wants.
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  12. gary

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    unless said item is ON SALE, I HAD TO BUY IT, per marital clause 20-life, sub section d.i.v.o.r.c.e.
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