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  1. haunteddoc

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    OK, I'm sitting here at work wondering what to do with all the WDW pics I've taken. The photo boxes are full, the wall in my den is getting full and I'm not really good at photo albums. So, I thought, what does everyone else do to display all those great pics we have taken. Just seems a shame to have them hidden away on a backup CD or hard drive.

    So, what does everyone do with all your photos?

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  2. Roger

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    I use the Microsoftâ„¢ Powertoy wallpaper changer to show off my favorites. Also considering one of them LCD photo frames (except the resolution of most models is holding me back). And of course, da Web.
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  3. zackiedawg

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    Well, let's see. I've got thousands of them in folders on my computer and backed up for storage. I have them in my screensaver slideshows at home and work. I've got some hanging on my walls. I put them in my online gallery. And most recently, I made a lovely 82-page book with over 250 photos that I can display on my coffee table in my entertainment room, and a copy which I keep in the waiting room at my office.

    The book has been great - and I'm definately making more! Clients, friends, and family all love it - it's a good-looking, high quality book with professional binding, leather or cloth covers, title pages, etc. And it has actually helped me sell a few more photos, when clients leafing through the book while waiting have asked me if they could get some of the prints they saw.

    I highly recommend considering one - it isn't that much more expensive than a nice photo album, considering the cost of 250+ prints and the photo album itself - my book was $80 total from a company called mypublisher.com, shipped to my door. If you were to print out 250 photos in random sizes from 4x5 to 8.5x11, it would cost $60-70. And it really has alot more visual impact than an album - people will think you hit the big-time!
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  4. jcvalenti

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    I finally broke down and bought a digital photo frame. $130 on sale at Costco for an 8" PanDigital frame with excellent resolution. Every so often, I load new pics on a CF card and put it on the frame. If we are having friends over, or hosting a party, I load the frame up with pictures along a certain theme (such as Easter, or Disney Trips, or something like that). In the fall, new digital frames are debuting with wireless capabilities. You can connect them to a home network and you and your friends/family can "send" pictures to each others frames. That's cool too.

    I also catalog my photos using Adobe's Photoshop Elements 5.0, and excellent piece of software that gives you a ton of ideas on how to "use" your photos. You can highlight pictures in your catalog and click one button for all kinds of photo creations you can buy, like bound photo books (which I highly recommend for Disney memories). A great way to get your favorite snaps off the computer and on display.

    Finally, when it comes to Disney photos, I tend to incorporate the "best" from any specific vacation into our vacation videos. When I edited the video into a "movie", I always have a "photo" chapter, that is nothing but a pan and scanned photo show set to music. It's a great way to enjoy the photos.
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  5. Roger

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    That's the future.

    I did too until they started requiring that you convert the RAW images into DNG in order to view them. I started with Album 2.0 - the last time it wasn't included with Elements.
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  6. idarknight

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    My wife scrapbooks the prints and I put others into a digital frame, when I get into my new place, I'm going to put some up in the guest rooms and in my "man room".

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