What Snacks do you eat?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants and Dining' started by CameraGirl, May 7, 2008.

  1. CameraGirl

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    Ok, I could have included this in the other post, but I totally forgot. ; I was just wondering what everyone likes to eat as snacks. ; Do you take food into the parks or is there something that you eat at the parks, over and over again. ; We have our favorites, but I would like to start trying some of the other snacks that I have heard of that sound delicious.

    Ok, here are mine:
    My number 1 is at Downtown Disney and Gharadelli's Hot Fudge Sundae. ; I also love the cotton candy (I know, but I love it), the Mickey ice cream sandwiches, but I always find them messy and the chocolate gets stuck to my teeth. ; The popcorn is ok, but the last time we had it, it was a bit soggy. ; Fudge is always a good treat, and oh the Dole Whips. ; Had my first one back in December and have been craving another one ever since. ; There was also a place in AK that we got a soft ice cream float with pluto spoon/straws with them. ; I didn't see them the last time, but they were good too. ; Oh and there used to be a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich that they would sell where you find the Mickey ice cream sandwiches that were to die for, ; but I think they have phased those out as well.

    I don't think I would ever have to eat a meal, I would just be happy eating snacks all day.
  2. amw

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    I had a throat infection when we were there so I didn't snack much. ; :'( ; I did try the Funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow this time. I got it with Cinnamon powder. YUM! Too bad I had to share with the girls. At $3.29, it's a way better deal than the $10 ones at Wonderland here.

    The kids love the pretzels ... but only when they're warm and salty. My little one (who is also addicted to cinnamon) loves churros. They were everywhere in DLR, but a little harder to find in Florida. The hubbie tried the School bread in Norway and gave it a thumbs up.

    I have to say our best dessert of the trip was the "volcano" at Rainforest Cafe. I'm a club member, so I had a coupon for a free one. It's regulary $14 and is supposed to feed 2. Well, our family of 4 couldn't finish it! (and my hubbie is no small guy ;)) The brownies were super rich and gooey. The memory still gives my tummy a happy glow! ; :D
  3. weemcp

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    I love the chocolate dipped strawberries from the confectionary on Main street...the gingerbread cookies were pretty good too.

    I had a pretzel at the movie theatre and enjoyed it...other than that, we really didn't snack much while we were there....
  4. kevings

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    mmmm...Disney food.....

    Dole Whip floats
    Cherry Kaki Gori
    Sweet Almond Pretzels from Kring la bakery
    Grapefruit cake
    Frozen bananas
    Sleepy Hollow Caramel Corn

    and I'm sure there's much much more
  5. scratch

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    I can't believe nobody mentioned Turkey Legs!

    I also love the Creme Brule and the Chocolate Cake at the French Pastry Shop!

    On our last trip, we found a place in AK that had this enormous Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches! They had 3 different kinds of cookies to choose from! ; Of course neither one of us paid attention to exactly where it was but somewhere near Tusker House?
  6. CameraGirl

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    Scratch...Turkey legs!!! OMG, you eat those things?

    I will have to make a list and test some of these things out because right now they sound very yummy.

    I could use a Dole Whip now.
  7. mini-canadian

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    Oh my!!! ; I leave for WDW early Sat morning and I have been thinking all day today of what I am eating ; ;D

    Gharadelli's ; has the best best best banana splits!!!!

    I also love frozen banana's ; (oops, see a theme here)

    Turkey legs are just plain fun to eat!

    I know it isn't really food.........but frozen Marguerita's!
  8. scratch

    scratch Member

    I haven't had one in years since DD became an Vegetarian! ; But yes! ; It was one of those things that we used to share when we were hungry but not hungry enough to get a full meal!

    I could use a Dole Whip right now too!

    Actually a Frozen Marguerita would hit the spot better!
  9. many of the ones mentioned are favourites - the one I'd add is the ice cream sundae/ brownie (can't remember the proper name) treat from Mrs. Pott's just outside Winnie-the-Pooh. ; DD9 had one last time, and it was so big and so gooey, she couldn't eat it all (and that is saying something) - because it's in a cup, melting isn't as huge a concern as the MM ice cream treats. ; It's worth checking out.

    Anyone get a newbie to try Beverley at Epcot? ; It's priceless to catch someone!
  10. Northernmouse

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    The only one I must have is Dole Whip float. Once in a while I'll have a pretzel in Germany but I'm not a huge snacker. Although during eat and drink around the world no dinner is needed. ; :p
  11. scratch

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    I'm gonna have 3 New Victims to try the Beverly in December! ; I love seeing peoples reactions!

  12. another cruel heart, like me! :) ; Isn't it great fun to see the scrunched up faces? ; Photo time! You'll have to make sure they all try it at the same time!
  13. Found the proper name of that Mrs. Pott's ice cream treat. ; Last time, it was eligible for a snack.

    Fudge Brownie Sundae - Topped with your choice of chocolate, vanilla or swirl soft serve, hot fudge or caramel topping and whipped cream. - $3.99

    see http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/dining/d ... ant.ID=251
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  15. scratch

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    Heck, I've been known to help others convince their party to give it a try! ; Sometimes it takes a stranger to "convince them it's good!"LOL
  16. mini-canadian

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    I forgot one for my list.....a nice warm cinnamon bun from the Bakery on Main St.
  17. ooh - those are good!

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