What does your screenname mean?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tim, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    I thought it would be a fun idea to explain what some of the more unusual screennames mean. Some are pets, some are derivatives of their names, some are favorite characters, etc. Have at it!

    Tim - well, um, it's kinda sorta my name.
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  2. megreader2003

    megreader2003 Member

    Hmmm never would have guessed that.

    megreader2003 - Meg - well, um, its kinda sorta my name.

    As for the rest... little imagination 20 + years ago. I love to read... 2003 - was the year i dumped my AOL e-mail account and megreader was taken in my new choice.

    BTW... here's the post you requested Tim!
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  3. Paul

    Paul Member

    Paul = my name
  4. In 1997 my high school band was chosen to be in a Disney parade. One of my friends asked our band director what parade we were going to be in. He muttered something about "Spectrosparkle...Spectrowishes". Maybe my name should have been Spectromagic1997 but I like Mainstreet1997 better! We did march down mainstreet!
  5. Deniz

    Deniz Member

    mine is, also, my name, which means "ocean" in turkish. It also means I hated those exercises in grade school where you had to use every letter of your name as the first letter in a word that describes you (zany? zebra fan? zippy? seriously....).

    What is a reputation on the status thingy?
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  6. mPower

    mPower Member

    Hmm, mPower came from when I was tuning motors. m for Mark, Power for well... ;)
  7. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    dd = my initials
    indy = Indianapolis, where I live
  8. Paul

    Paul Member

    Thanks Tim, I'm not nagging you by the way, I know how updates can be!
  9. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Zackiedawg...has been with me since my first internet days back in 1995 or so - needed an AOL name, and thought of using my dog's name, Zack. It was taken. As was Zackie. I tried Zackiedog...yep, taken too. So I decided to go 'gangsta' style (not really...just looking for alternate spellings that didn't require a bunch of numbers after the name), and Zackiedawg showed up available.

    Ever since, all of my board IDs have been the same. Dog died in 1997...but the name lives on!
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  10. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

    Craig! wow!

    but ebay is dogsyanabanana, named after one of our doggies, Yana and we used to call her yana banana for fun. she passed away a few years ago, but her name lives on.

    her sister niki is also included sometimes as nikiandyana.

    now Dina sometimes uses CanaMac, because one of our new guys, Cana, loves to watch her put on makeup and always chews on the Mac makeup boxes over any others.
  11. goofy101

    goofy101 Member

    favorite character, the 101 I actually took from one of my favorite TV programs over here in the UK, Room 101
  12. gary

    gary Member

    i dunno, it all seemed so simple, just use the name ya know, just keepin it real dawg
  13. bmitch

    bmitch Member

    bmitch -> Brian Mitchell...I know, amazingly creative!
  14. Grumpwurst

    Grumpwurst Member Staff Member

    Grumpy (One of my favorite charcters) + Bratwurst (My favorite processed meat product) = Grumpwust
  15. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    and here i was thinking brian mitchell, the former eagle and redskin kick returner.
  16. bmitch

    bmitch Member

    Man, if I could run that fast, well I'd be in the NFL!
  17. PolynesianMedic

    PolynesianMedic Global Moderator Staff Member

    Ok, real simple here too, I LOVE the Polynesian, and I am a Paramedic. Nothing too it.
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  18. daryy

    daryy Member

    I am daryy,It is normal :eek:
  19. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    Welcome to the boards, daryy!
  20. Scubamickey

    Scubamickey Member

    My husband and I got married at WDW, with our reception at Living Seas. Where we asked Scuba Mickey to swim by the window and say hi to our guest. So Scuba Mickey is close to my heart and I love the idea of Mickey being underwater. Never thought I would ever see that.
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