Universal to drop Indoor mask requirements!

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    Not sure how long before Disney follows suit, but when Universal first announced it was dropping OUTDOOR mask requirements for vaccinated people, Disney followed within a day or two.
    Universal has announced starting THIS weekend, indoor masking will now be optional for vaccinated people as well...effectively ending all mask mandates in the parks for vaccinated people. Will Disney follow soon, or hold out longer?
    I admit I hope the mask mandate can be eliminated by July 2nd when I'll be at Disney next...along with all the other pandemic changes...I'd love for the plexiglass dividers to come down on ride cars, lines to go back fully into their own queues and stop routing through other facilities (Columbia Harbour House, Epcot's China gardens, etc), and eventually restoring fast passes and eliminating park reservations. But for now, I'd take just the dropping of the masks as a massive improvement to the experience, especially in the summer.
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    Every time I mention the park reservation system and how I hope it goes away... I have a few friends that point out that Chapek stated it was here to stay (at least in some form).

    The caveat to that is that even if it becomes permanent, once they open to full capacity, one should be able to change their reservation the day of (with the exception of major holidays).

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