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    Sorry these aren't photography related but I know a few people on here are interested in Astronomy. If this is not allowed please remove it.

    Up for sale are two scopes. One is my father in law's and the other is mine.

    His scope:

    My father in law has expressed interest in selling the 8" Dob he bought last year. Unfortunately it's turned out to be too much weight and equipment for him to lug out each time he wants to view.

    He currently has the Orion XT8. ... t_id=27183



    If anyone is interested let me know, he has a padded bag for the tube (valued at $80), and it has the Object Locator pad.

    My scope:

    I have been too busy to get out to use my scope and the way the economy is, I can't afford for this scope to just collect dust.

    I purchased this scope last August and it's been great.

    For sale is:

    Meade LXD75-SC8 scope
    German EQ mount with additional motorized mount (Yes I have an extra)
    GoTo Pad
    Dew Shield and Dew Buster heater strips
    Hard case for scope

    Looking to get $1400 for everything (I paid over $2k).


    This is the case I have: ... t_id/208CM

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    WOW, If only I had the money to spend on your scope, all it needs is the adapter for my camera and that is an awesome way to get some wonderful shots of the sky. I might know someone that is interested so I will pass this along.
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    Unforunately I had a quick response on another forum and the LXD75 is taken. The Orion XT8 is still available though.

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