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  1. Hello all,

    My family and I just completed our trip to Chicago to view the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives before it leaves in late May.

    The experience was amazing! The exhibit was done up in true Disney form. You could really feel the history in the room while wondering through.

    I've posted the report on our blog site and loaded lots of picture.

    We really enjoyed it. Our next report will be from the 24hour Rock your DisneySide Party in WDW MK.
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    Thank you for sharing! I'd love to visit the Disney archives and experience what you saw as well. Disney, which goes back the 1940's or so, has such a rich history. Being a lifelong Disney fan, I'd love to step back and see the history in the making of one of the best movie-producing companies of all time.
  3. @gokoko Thanks for your comments. It is always great to hear that someone got value from our blog.
    I hope one day you will be able to see the exhibit. I understand it is touring so you may want look up the tour dates and locations. Who knows,it may come close to you next.
  4. trenchant

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    Ooh. I wasn't even aware that they had this sort of thing in Chicago.
    It definitely looks interesting. The making of a great company is always fascinating to me.
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    It's a very interesting exhibit and definitely worth the trip if the exhibit comes anywhere close to you. I especially enjoyed the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the costumes at the end of the exhibit. They also have an animation class at the end (like that at the studios).
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