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Discussion in 'Photography 101' started by Roger, Mar 22, 2014.

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    So I follow Photo Stealers online (used to be on Tumblr, now she has her own separate site) - it's run by a professional photographer who got tired of other "photographers" setting up websites using photos that weren't theirs. ; I mean, it would be like Ford advertising using a Maserati, even though you can't get one there. ;

    But anyway, during the more recent examples, someone posted a link to an old blog post from an attorney who specializes in photographers rights: ... -ears.html

    Apparently, even though you can't get non-damages if you don't officially register your copyright, the DMCA actually has a provision in it that helps: ; If someone tries to go around a copyright provision on the image when reposting it illegally there are penalties by default.


    Someone posts your picture(s) on another website, you can use DMCA to get the ISP/hosting company to take the images down
    If someone posts your pictures and removes your copyright watermark, DMCA calls for penalties of $2500 to $25000 if choose to sue
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    I've been registering my images for over a year. ; It's simple and only costs $35 per batch. ; Watermarks (even the copyright symbol) are not necessary. but I do it anyway.

    Here are some useful links:

    The US copyright office (where you register your images): ;
    Copyright tutorial from and American Society of Media Photographers.
    The Copyright Zone, source for an excellent (but now out of print) book called The Photographer's Survival Manual
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    I've been registering mine for a couple of years. ; I just add the copyright registration to the cost of the trip and upload the entire batch the first morning after the trip as soon as I get to the office. ;

    The Photographer's Survival Manual is an excellent resources. ; Its too bad that it is now out of print.

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