STICKY - Contest Guidelines (revised 11-7-2006)

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    1. The photo can be from current or past depending on the contest's topic.
    2. Photo's must be yours, do not use other people's work or copyrighted photos.
    3. Number of allowed entries are determined by the contest creator.
    4. Announce the contest here (ie. Contest#1 Best Haunted Mansion Photo).
    5. Contest will run for 2 weeks from start date with a 1 week voting period.
    6. Only one contest can run at the same time.
    7. Unless otherwise stipulated, no prizes for the winners other than a post on the winners page, the right to create the next contest, and bragging rights for a job well-done.
    8. Contest originator will be the moderator for that specific contest and is charged with enforcing the rules for that contest.
    9. At the close of the contest, prior to voting, originator will create a poll here with the contest entries to be voted on.
    10. Please only one vote per person, unless otherwise stipulated. This is on the honor system.

    If there are any questions about this, feel free to discuss it here or send me a PM if you prefer.
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