Star Wars Weekend Celebrity Show Schedule

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  1. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    I did this schedule for another forum thread and wanted to post it here for those going to SWW:

    From the Events Schedule:

    SWW I:
    Behind the Force 1:45
    Stars of the Saga 3:30
    Obi Wan show 7:00

    SWW II
    Behind the Force 1:45
    Stars of the Saga 3:30
    Ewok's Tale 5:15
    Obi Wan 7:30

    Behind the Force 1:45
    Stars of the Saga 3:30
    Visit to the Maul 5:15
    Obi Wan 7:30

    SWW IV
    Behind the Force 1:30
    Stars of the Saga 4:45
    Visit to the Maul 6:15
    Obi Wan 7:45

    SWW V
    Behind the Force 1:45
    Stars of the Saga 3:30
    Obi Wan 7:00
  2. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

    I assume you are a cast member with access to the internal schedule? Would you say this is complete?

    Last year there were multiple Behind The Force shows per day. Weekend 1 and 5 look like they are light on events. Figures I picked weekend one this year...

    Any idea when this will be announced on the web site?
  3. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    I pulled the info from the website. Each event is noted on the Entertainment Schedule for DHS and I went weekend by weekend to pull the times. I'm helping out with a Roll Call for another forum so I do a lot of the busy work to get the info on that thread. Here is one of the events links:
  4. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

    I never went to she schedule on a day by day basis for the SWW dates. Nice to see they have something released. They note that FP+ is available for these events but I don't see any way to select them. Any ideas?
  5. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

  6. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    The Fp+ will probably be released a week or so before the events - possibly similar to how they release Fp+ for parades and fireworks. If something pops up on the other forum, I'll post the info over here.
  7. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    Fastpasses are available for the Celebrity shows!! May be better to go in through the website than use the app for MDE.
  8. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

    I just checked a couple hours ago and nothin'! Thanks for the update, got one so far...
  9. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    I snagged a few shows. But since they are doing the tiered thing at DHS and all the shows are tier one, that means you have to return multiple days over the weekend if you want to fastpass the shows.

    The problem then becomes you run into the 7-day limit Disney has placed on how many Fastpass+ reservations you can have at any time during the 30-day window. So, you're going to have to A) be really picky about what shows you want to Fastpass and B) hope that hotel guests don't snag all the FP+ reservations for days that are outside the 30-day window (aka Mark Hamill).

    Additionally, if you already have some Fastpass+ reservations at other parks for say, I don't know, the opening of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, then you're doubly screwed.

    This 30 day window and 7 day limit is becoming more and more rotten as time goes on.
  10. ExploringWDW

    ExploringWDW Member

    For certain things (aka Mark Hamill/Mine Train/Elsa/Anna) the 30 day window will probably be a pain. Other than that it has not been an issue, at least for us. We are arriving on May 14th for SWW1 and I just started with most of my reservations because I was waiting for the SWW shows to open up. Have not had much issue getting everything I want.

    I secured FP+ for every SWW show, one per day. For the Behind the Force show I put all my ride FP+ before the show so if we park hop we can add more FP+ at the next park. that wont work so well with the 7PM Obi Wan show.

    Hopefully they will get the FP+ flexibility issues worked out, and it sounds like they are at least working towards that goal. They also need to hold back some availability for the 30 day window as well as "day of" reservations.
  11. firelily99

    firelily99 Member

    Nice to be able to have the schedule in advance. We are planning our trip around that event and are very excited to go!
  12. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    Planning to stay up until midnight tonight to try and grab a mark hammil fastpass. wish me luck
  13. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    Hope you got it!
  14. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    Alas, I wasn't able to secure it for either Saturday or Sunday. I'll keep trying from time to time though
  15. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    It's being rumored Mark Hamill will have his own show @ 3:00 and there will be Fp+ available. No Fp+ availability or official announcement yet.
  16. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    Mark Hamill will definitely have his own show. His show will be at 3pm and it's called A Conversation with Mark Hamill and fp+ will be available...
  17. ddindy

    ddindy Member Staff Member

    I was told by a Cast Member that there are 400 FP+ for each show. Like any other attraction, they only guarantee you a spot in a shorter line, not early entry. The first day there were several complaints when everyone in the standby queue entered the theater before all of the FP+ people were admitted. On the second day they admitted standby in smaller groups so FP+ could keep up. FP+ is slower to enter because they have to scan their MagicBands or tickets, whereas standby can just walk through the doors. I'm sure they'll refine their procedures in weeks to come.

    The standby queue is still using the Muppets queue. The FP+ queue uses a door near the front of the theater where there is little shade.

    In my opinion, FP+ is not required unless you want a specific seat and are in the front of the FP+ queue or if it's a very popular show.
  18. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    Fastpasses for Mark Hamill's shows for SWW IV become available on Friday, May 30 @ 8:00 a.m. Standby entrance is also an option.

    Those who have Fp+ selected for DHS received emails stating to use the website to change a current Fp+ selection to Mark's 3:00 show.
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  19. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    Good to know. Thanks!
  20. iTinkSo

    iTinkSo Member

    Fp+ became available @ 8:30ish. Now Stars of the Saga has a lot of availability!

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