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Discussion in 'Disney's Animal Kingdom Photos' started by Roger, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Roger

    Roger Member Staff Member

    I haven't been on the safari since 1998. Going again in December at least on the Wildlife Discovery Excursion.

    Anyway, back then, I didn't know what I know now...and I only had a Nikon Pronea 6i (1.25 crop), so my lens was the same as 35mm 30-87.5mm. For some of the animals this was perfect, others it wasn't long enough.

    I'll have the 17-55 lens as well as another soon-to-be-named lens.

    Which focal length should I use as my primary to begin? Granted if something changes I guess I could change lenses quickly. Not planning on bringing my A2 film as a backup, and the 17-55 won't work on that body anyway. I do have my old workhorse 28-105 Version 1 lens as well, but the lack of IS and the lack of speed at the zoom end may be a factor. But that is an option I would consider.

    So what zoom range for a 1.6 crop camera would you recommend?
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  2. Tim

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    i used to use my 75-300 IS regularly on the safari. not too much going on up close in that attraction.
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  3. gary

    gary Member

    i rented the new 70-300IS specifically for this trip, the safari is the perfect place to put this lens through its paces, i'm considering buying it for europe next year and this is a chance to try it out before buying at a reasonable price, it was $97.00 i believe for 2 weeks rental, insurance and shipping

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