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Discussion in 'The Magic Kingdom Photos' started by rocket2722, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. rocket2722

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    Hi everyone! ; Just joined TMIP, although I have been reading various posts over the years. ; Fairly new to photography (bought first DSLR in March 2012). ; Just returned from a trip in early March for the start of the Flower & Garden Festival. ; Captured this image of the queue area for the Pirates of the Caribbean one night while waiting for the park to clear out.

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  2. lightslicer

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    Welcome- love the pic- would love to see it- with a little sepia...too...wonder what that would look like. You obviously know how to process what you have shot.... :)very nice job.
  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome, Rocket... you are off to a great start! ; Keep them coming!
  4. WELCOME MIKE!!!!!! [​IMG]
    You simply must come to Pixelmania in October ---- Starts Wed night Oct 15th with a pre meet dinner somewhere perhaps at the Swalphin this year and then we take 4 days to run around the 4 parks and do the Halloween party on one of those nights.

    So the Pixelmania meet is Wednesday Oct 15th until Sunday the 19th. Check it out and start making plans to join us! Check out the Pixelmania threads for more details about how this is organized or just ask us!

  5. jbwolffiv

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    Welcome aboard Rocket!!!!! ; I agree with what Tim and Joanie said. ; Pixelmania is a great time!!!
  6. RedOctober25

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    Welcome to the boards!

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  7. rocket2722

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    Thanks everyone. ; Seemed like a good time to jump into this site. ; Joanie keeps telling me I would find a great group of people here. ; She also told me about the meet in October and now I'm looking into flights. ; Not sure I can afford to stay friends with her... ; ;)
  8. Yep... that's me... Dragging bodies here, one at a time.

  9. rocket2722

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    It never occurred to me to try a sepia tone lightslicer, thanks. ;


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  10. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

    that is a cool shot! I've never thought of that

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