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    on 2/27/20 i flew to albuquerque new mexico, eventually met up with michael and pete, went north to champ new mexico for a 2 day charter on the cumbres and toltec, featuring restored steam rotary plow OY pushed by 2 of their locomotives. 150 photographers, 4 busses, 2 highway patrol departments, 2 state dot departments, snowmobilers, some freeloaders, and some great photos of a piece of equipment i never thought i'd see operating in my lifetime, oh and did i mention expensive??

    here we are, first location of the day, throwing some snow


    moved out on the line some more, a little closer to the action, first charter ever for using the 70-300 this much


    throwing that snow, we do not have a snowblower so i had forgotten how they churn up snow at the blades

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    coming at us


    as we got further up the line into higher elevations the snow got noticeably deeper


    aaah, i can't remember the name of this trestle, and i should pause in the processing and read the book i came home with, the mile by mile trackside guide of this line. the grey tank car right behind the rotary is a water tanker just for the rotary, when we reached cox crossing the chama fire dept plus the cumbres railroads own fire patrol tanker came up and watered the engines

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    who has a mac and can tell me how to shut off this very annoying autocorrect that keeps messing up my posts, example, it keeps making chama into champ
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    Here’s how to retrain your autocorrect on a Mac...

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    so seem to be unable to tame this autocorrect, so we will just keep trying to spot the unwelcome corrections
    sunday, day 2 of the rotary charter, from stateline up to the cumbres pass station, starting off with rory, a poor unfortunate snowman, brutalized in the chama yard with full railroad consent


    he just couldn't take it


    it was a short life, but a good one


    and for those who knew, after 2 1/2 weeks of covid i am finally cleared to return to life, and finally have energy to do so
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    Sing it with me now, “Do you want to kill a snowman? ...”

    Seriously, next time we need to hollow it out and put a watermelon in it.
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    Great photos and great to hear you are recovered!!

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