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  1. Anyone know what kind of duck this is? ; He/she was in the Oasis with some other ducks. ; I've found many a pictoral list of animals in AK, but this one hasn't turned up yet.


    Duck by rickenmartin78, on Flickr
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    S/he almost looks domestic and found a home in the park.
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    I think this it what you are looking for. ; Based off the bill, I originally thought duck. ; But looking at the neck it seemed to long for a duck so I went to goose. ; However, a goose's bill looks completely different which led me to swans. ; And from there I found this..

    The Coscorobas Swan (South America). ; If you look at the photos further down, one has a caption of a nesting pair in the Florida swamps.


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  4. Thanks so much!!! ; :D
  5. RedOctober25

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    Upon further review, the photo I thought was a florida swamp was just another zooilogical park. ; So the region it lives in is just south america. ; But if I recall correctly, there are other south american animals a Animal Kingdom (the capybara comes to mind first).

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    And the giant anteater, as well as the macaws and probably a few lizards & frogs.

    Good find on the swan/goose - it definitely didn't look like a duck to me, but geese have a much more bulky and complex bill, so that was throwing me off too.
  7. Here's another view of the same bird. ; Thanks again for the help. ; I like to caption my photo books (and do so correctly). ; ;)

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