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    Here is the real place to post your photos from visits to the temporary home of the stranded Robinson family.
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    It's time to play everyone's favorite, the Swisskapolka. Turn on the bubble machine. Wunnerful, wunnerful!

    Earworm Alert
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    wunnerfull, wunnerfull, oh man, it's 1965 all over again , saturday night and i am sitting in my grandparents living room, captive because both my parents are working evening shift, my dad as a cop, my mom waitressing dinner hour, because that's where the best tips were. and my grandparents never missed lawrence if they were home
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    There are reports that Lawrence Welk hated this parody that the great Stan Freberg did.

    On the other hand, Jack Webb loved Stan's Dragnet parodies, St. George & the Dragonet and Christmas Dragnet. Jack loaned Stan his orchestra to perform the iconic background music on the two recordings.
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    If you want a snack at night, at least eat some healthy fruits.

    Late-Night Snack

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