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  1. Tim

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    I had the opportunity to go to Philadelphia's Prince Music Theater tonight (4/7/2007) to see Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt and son of Roy O. Disney, be presented with the Philadelphia Film Society's Inspiration Award. I was able to join Jim Hill ( and Jeff Lange ( along with their significant others at this event which was hosted by film historian Leonard Maltin.

    The film opened with a lengthy montage of clips from Disney animated classics which was very well produced. After being presented with the award, Maltin interviewed Disney on stage before opening the event up for audience questions and answers. Mr. Disney spoke candidly and honestly about his upbringing as the son and nephew of Walt and Roy, respectively, and gave insight at what it was like to grow up Disney. He spoke about how Walt and Roy did not coddle to him or treat him any differently than any other employee of the Disney company just because he was their relative. He was frank and honest about his relationship with former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, pulling no punches, and spoke with great reverence about his time in Disney Feature Animation and especially about his pet project, Fantasia 2000.

    It was a refreshing look into the persona of Roy Disney himself. It is one thing to see Mr. Disney on DVD in a produced and recorded setting, but to see and hear him on stage not 30 feet away from where I was sitting was a true treat for any Disney fan. He was relaxed, dressed in a sweater, brown corduroy pants, and sneakers, and seemed to truly enjoy telling his anecdotes for what must be the thousandth time. It is obvious that he and Leonard Maltin have a special friendship and appreciation for each other, and they played off that relationship throughout the presentation.

    After the event, I got the opportunity to shake hands with Mr. Disney, pose for a photo with him, and get his autograph. I must say that he came across as a true gentleman, very down to earth with no hint of pretense or arrogant bravado. If it sounds like I truly enjoyed this event, it's because I absolutely did and would go again in a heartbeat if the opportunity arose.
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  2. HW

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    sounds like you had one hell of a good time. Good for you bud. Well deserved too I might add for a dedicated officer
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  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    thanks howie. it really was a wonderful time and one of those few and far between opportunities to meet someone who you really admire. i could have picked his brain for weeks if given the chance.
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  4. Roger

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    That is...incredible. BTW, I think weeks isn't long enough.
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  5. zackiedawg

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    What an honor and privilege! That is definately a memory that you will relish forever.

    I once had the good luck to shake his hand at Disney Studios in Burbank many years ago - and though I was never one to get 'starstruck', I got chills to be meeting a genuine member of the Disney family because I've been a lifelong Disney fanatic.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures!
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  6. Scott

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    That's really cool, Tim. You can tell he's a Disney by looking into his eyes.
  7. mcpaul

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    You are so right about the eyes, Scott!

    What a lovely privilege and honor for you, Tim!!!
  8. gary

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    it's a good thing for you tim, but kind of bittersweet for me, every time i see or read something with roy e. esp regarding m eisner and his relations with same, i can;t help but wonder what the world, particularly epcot would look like now if we had just had a healthy walt for another 10 years, can;t help but sometimes think my beloved wdw would be even more dear to me
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  9. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    agreed, gary.

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