Lights Motors Action hero car nearly sheers off roof in scary accident today

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    The Lights Motors Action stunt car show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has been known to have an accident every now and then. It’s a stunt show, things are going to happen. The good news is that Disney and the professional team of stunt people involved in the show work hard to ensure everyone’s safety.

    But some times things go wrong like today. Disney fan Tony Caggiano was in the audience at Light’s Motors Action today and just happened to be running a roll of 30 quick frames off on his camera during the big finale when the red hero car jumps out of the building on the back of the set, down a ramp, and then jumps across the water moat at the front.

    Not everything went as planned





    As you can see by the above photos, not all went as planned today. The hero car collided with the metal support bar on the truck/ramp, tearing off a large portion of the hero car’s body work. The driver was able to bring the stunt car to a complete stop and exit the vehicle safely. The good news, reports Caggiano, was that everyone was alright and the driver walked away from the scene. But it was a scary thing to see he said.

    There’s also a vine of the aftermath:

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    They have some pretty meaty and serious roll cages and protective cages in those cars - which look to have done their job - they can take serious abuse without harming the driver inside - in this case, just bodywork damage...good to see the safety systems work as they're supposed to! Neat sequence to have witnessed though - not that anyone wants anything to go 'wrong' at Disney shows, as long as no one is hurt it's something interesting for a photographer to witness and catch!
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    That's gonna leave a mark. Glad to hear that the driver was ok.

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