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  1. lightslicer

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    My mind is not doing well with this- I have installed it- after taking a basic online class- now that i got it open- how do I make it all go away and start over- I have used Elements for a few years- and when you want to exit out of there you have to save or not save each file--- or it wont ; let you exit- ; duh...I know its something simple. ; This one I accidently imported 93 I can make them go away...I dont want to delete them from my hard drive- i just dont want them populating when i open LR.....ok- its late- I probably aint making any sense....
    Going to sleep now...

  2. ExploringWDW

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    After importing photos, you never need to do any kind of "save" in Lightroom.

    After opening Lightroom press the "g" key to take you to the Grid view of the Library.
    Click any photo to select it.
    Press "CTRL-A" to select all the photos.
    Press "Backspace": you will see a dialog asking if you want to delete from disk or just remove from Lightroom
    Click the "Remove" button
    That's it!

    Even if you mistakenly click "Delete from Disk", Lightroom puts them in the Recycle Bin (or Trash on a Mac) so you still have a chance to recover.
  3. lightslicer

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    THANK YOU so much..appreciate those tips...ALOT...
  4. Tim

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    Keep the lightroom tips coming. ; I got a copy of lightroom 4 a few years ago and haven't even opened the box. ; Need to get on this bandwagon.
  5. ExploringWDW

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    I've been using Lightroom since v2. I don't claim to be an expert but I get by. I'll answer any questions I can...

    My two favorite extensions are:

    Merge to 32-bit HDR Plugin for $29 for merging and editing HDRs entirely inside LR

    Photosmith for culling, rating, and tagging photos on your iPad and syncing back to your LR library.
  6. ELinder

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    I've pretty much switched from Aperture to Lightroom. For processing a couple thousand pics in a few days it's far and away faster than Aperture.

  7. lightslicer

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    I can HELP you- first you find the box.
    Then you open it. Take the disk out- along with the product code thingy....Go
    Insert the disk- it will prompt for the code you will get online
    Have the information number in the box handy- go online- insert the information #'s into the spots provided- they then give you a code you must enter when you go to install it on your computer...

    After that- you'll need the rest of
    Sorry couldnt resist it.

    PEg who is ducking and running for cover.... ; :)
  8. Roger

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    you'll need to upgrade pretty soon before LR 6 comes out, which will be subscription only. ; I think Adobe didn't really expect the cat to be let out of the bag with the LR for iOS available in the store to buy for a very short time....

    /what am I kidding, any camera released after 2014 you will need LR 6 or else have to do the DNG conversion before using
  9. Tim

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    Not to worry; I started just shooting jpg to streamline my processing and reduce storage needs. Now to figure out how to use lightroom.
  10. Pops

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    I too have recently switched from Aperture to Lightroom 5. I like it much better and feel I have more control. It's sad that Apple built their business on top graphic programs and have done very little lately to upgrade. The professional version of Final Cut was a step backward. I have found some helpful tutorials for Lightroom at

  11. lightslicer

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    Thanks so much for that link- awesome- and FREE.
    I had paid for a online class
    (that still left me dazed and confused but-this link is priceless.
    Now to dedicate some time to starting from the beginning with him.


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