Le Cellier - 2 table service credits?

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  1. PGFamily

    PGFamily Member

    I just read this on Allears. ; This is one of our favourite meals when we travel as an extended family, but 2 credits? ; Will they be adding characters?
  2. no characters... just a finer dining experience... that is also extremely popular
  3. Northernmouse

    Northernmouse Member

    It is still going to be one credit for lunch. Although a good meal not a signature experience by any streatch not worth 2 credits in my opinion.
  4. I agree. I enjoy Le Cellier but I don't believe it is a 2 credit restaurant.
  5. Csaks

    Csaks Member

    If thats the case this trip will be our last there. It's a nice place but not worth 2 credits. I'd go to YSH for two credits over Le Cellier.
  6. scratch

    scratch Member

    Not unless they bring back their old menu and have Alberta Beef!
  7. There is going to be 2 menus a lunch and dinner. The dinner is going to have beef of similar quality to YSH. The wine list is also going to expand feature great wines from coast to coast.

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