It's a Trap!!! (a Tourist trap!)

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    Well, just figured out something very interesting... It not just that a rental car dropped off at location other that doubled price, it's that a car dropped off at Disney doubles or triples the price.

    Looking at Enterprise...
    SFB pickup to a location 10 minutes south of Animal Kingdom is only $70/day (for 2 days + $60 taxes and fees) for suv.
    SFB to "official" Disney location is $325/day (+ $135 taxes and fees). That is absolutely ridiculous!
    SFB pickup and DropOff for 2 weeks is $299/week... What the **(text omitted due to salty language)**

    Looks like I'll be taking a taxi to and from the non-airport rental location. Wait, you say that Enterprise will pick you up? Nope... Not if you are staying on Disney property. Actually they will pick you up, but only if you use the "Official" Disney location. Of course, that comes at a price...


    The location just 5-10 minutes from AKL...

    The "official" location on the opposite side of the Disney property...

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