Hyperlapse for video recordings in development

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  1. fstoppers recently poster an article on the development of Hyperlapse processing for video recordings.


    To summarize this process QUOTE:"The hyperlapse movies are time lapsed at 10X speed while camera shakes are smoothened beyond the capabilities of current stabilization techniques."

    "In order to achieve the smooth flowing motion from rough first-person footage, the software reconstructs the camera’s path on to a depth map. Then, algorithms are used to find an optimized path that the footage should be rendered in to. In order to fill in the pieces that were never captured on camera, the program will stitch, blend, and render the missing surroundings. For challenging videos, the software will create a number of options to choose from." END quote.

    The impact this has on videos is really exceptional and it turns a long, boring, shakey video into a smooth streamlined and engaging video. You really have to click on the link and read through the short article and WATCH the videos to really see what a difference this makes.

    I would compare this advance to the difference that HDR software has had on photographs.... it is that awesome. This will take all of the crappyness out of the videos that we are able to shoot today and render them into awesome shows.

    High resolution, feature loaded video cameras are becoming smaller and more user friendly as well as ubiquitous (think Go Pro, Google Glass, DSLR video capabilities, etc) so the application possibilities for this software is outstanding!


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