'Grandma' Mary Hoppins - 50s Prime Time Cafe (my aunt!)

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    She makes the place special for me - and hopefully for others too. My great-aunt, Mary Hoppins (yes, that's her real name!), has been at the 50s Prime Time Cafe for 10 years. She is a hostess at the front, and goes by 'Grandma Mary' (for those who've been to the Prime Time Cafe, you know they take on family roles):


    She's still rocking in her 80s, a Disney gal by way of Paterson New Jersey. At one point, her son-in-law, granddaughter, and grandson were all working at Disney too (the son-in-law isn't in-law anymore, the granddaughter went away to college, and the grandson is now a police officer in Coral Springs, Florida).

    If anyone stops by the Prime Time, stop in and say hi to Grandma Mary - and tell her Justin told you to stop in!
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    cool story, dude. thanks.
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