Disney COVID Reopening Plan

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    Per this mornings presentation to Orange County officials, Disney plans to open MK and AK will July 11 and DHS and EPCOT on July 15 with reduced park, restaurant, retail and transportation capacity. Highlights include:

    Disney plans to roll out a park entry reservation system.

    Masks and temperature checks will be required for cast and guests.

    Parades, fireworks and other events that cause crowds will be temporarily suspended.

    Character meet and greets and other high touch areas will be closed temporarily.

    Enhanced cleaning protocols will be implemented.

    They’re also creating a “social distancing squad” of highly energetic cast members to remind guests and reinforce social distancing standards.

    Reopening plans were submitted to Orange County and inspection teams visited the resort yesterday and reported they felt the resort was ready to implement their proposed plans.

    Orange County Economic Development approved the plan during today’s meeting. Next steps are for Orange County Mayor and Florida Governor to approve.
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    Crazy times. I managed to squeeze in that early March trip just a few weeks before they shut down the parks - but I already lost my late April Disney trip for my work convention, and my 2nd week of June trip at Boulder Ridge. Now I'm really not sure if and when I want to re-book...I can start targeting late July, but is it worth going with all the restrictions, lost shows and parades, no fireworks, reservations for park admission, and worst of all, wearing masks at all times outdoors...in FLORIDA...in JULY!? I can tell you as a person currently living in Florida, in the summer...it's bad enough with no mask. I foresee Disney medical staff being extremely busy with people getting heat stroke and fainting (something they already deal with in the summer and fall with no masks).

    I would probably consider my usual September trip - but it's going to depend on if the mask requirement is lifted by then, and maybe dropping the park reservation requirement. The rest I could deal with. Time will tell!
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    Looks/sounds like all ADRs and Fastpasses are getting cancelled through the end of this year. With ADRs needing to be rescheduled at the 60 day window. Gotta wonder if they will limit party size too. (August 20th is my new 60 day window date)

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    Not just through the end of the year. They’re cancelling all ADR’s and FP’s in the system and refunding the dining plan through 9/26/2021

    And yeah, ADR’s are going to be difficult. This might be the the year of the malnourished tapeworm.
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    I think they retracted the 2021 date (wether it was a typo or just rescinded) as I do not see it on their website (only on the initial 3rd party blog reports)... there’d be no point to cancel ADRs in September of 2021 because rage furthest you’d be able to make an ADR at this point would be November 26th. So 9/26/20 would make more sense... I get that they’d be moving to the 60 reservation until that time and yes that might make it more difficult. But also remember, a lot of people are canceling trips until they are fully open, so there will be less people looking for dining.

    That being said, if/when we make ADRs, we would most likely be sitting in smaller groups separately... which we do already with some of them.

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