Did Reddit Secret Santa... hit the Jackpot!

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    The gifts... all wrapped up

    Everything unwrapped...

    Jaw dropped...

    I signed up for the “Plus-Plus-Plus-Plus-Plus” Exchange (took 30 “credits” to sign up for)... I wasn’t expecting much, but holey-cow did my Secret Santa pick out the most amazing things for me.

    There are three books, which I’m hoping he picked authors that have a similar style to my favorites. The 35th Anniversary Edition Back to the Future set (in 4K Steelbook)... the Disney Villains Monopoly game... and most SPECTACULAR of all... the A-Wing Starfighter Ultimate Collector Series Lego set!!!

    My jaw dropped to the floor because I was thinking it was a large board game based on the size of the gift. And now I feel guilty about what I sent out to my random giftee. But it was still thoughtful gifts based on their likes. I guess doing good things (ie thoughtful gifts) brings good things. Karma finally caught up and I’m ecstatic! Oh... and my Lego and Star Wars obsessed nephews are jealous right now .

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