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    First, thanks Tim for having such a great Disney photos site and for launching this forum. In tribute to you, I'd like to kick off a contest where people nominate and eventually vote for their favorite Tim Devine photo. Here is the general process:

    1. Visit the Photos section of at

    2. From the roughly 2500 photos Tim has online, pick out one or more of your favorites

    3. Post the URL from the picture here

    At first, let's just first gather nominated photos. Let's be sure to scan deeply into all of Tim's photos. Once this process is over, we can begin voting on a favorite Tim Devine photo, perhaps using something like a tournament depending on how many pictures there are.

    I'll be posting a link to this contest on my website ( ) as well as on Disboards. Feel free to do the same wherever you may post on a regular basis.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Steve N.
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