Cheap flghts to Orlando!

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by realfam, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. realfam

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    Just booked our flight for our end of Jan trip to ; SSr and AKL with Airtran, ; We got the amazing price of $164 US return, direct flights from BUf to MCO and that includes us paying an additional $6 per person to select our seats. ; It s almost becoming cheaper to go to Florida for the weekend than driving up to the cottage. ; Good deal I'd say! ;
    Now I wish I coud find flights like ; that for our return flight from Barcelona.............
  2. wow - that's a great rate!
  3. Miss Megara

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    I've flown Airtran, not only are their prices great, but the airline is too!

    lol! ; I'm assuming you did - but in case not - have you tried through DCL? ; I have someone sailing the Westbound and the air through DCL was CHEAP! ; Mind you, that depends if you wanted to stay a little longer in Barcelona or not...

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