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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras & Equipment' started by Tim, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone have any experience with the Canon M50 mirrorless? The sale prices are pretty good right now and with the adapter I could use all of my existing lenses.

    Or - what is your favorite mirrorless body? It would seem the Sony A7r3 is the top of the class right now but it’s a huge investment into a new system. Maybe somewhere down the road...

    Your thoughts?
  2. gary

    gary Member

    for you, sony a73, or what awhile for the rumored replacement to the a6500
  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, for me. It would have to be in the same class that I am accustomed to since I am doing lots and lots of paid work now. It would be equal parts professional and personal.
  4. gary

    gary Member

    ok, here goes. i have made the complete switch from canon to sony, it started in early 2015, i was looking at a potential trip to a rail charter very near to yosemite park, no way am i flying all the way to fresno california, involving at least one plane change, and not go to yosemite, but i also realized that my bag of canon 5dmk3, and a preferred focal range of 12mm on up to 300mm was just too heavy for an out of shape east coast sea level boy, now yes i could have and have gotten in a little better shape. but i was also dissatisfied with the quality of the micro four thirds panasonic setup i had, not with landscape, off a tripod doing landscape m4/3 holds it's own with many a good system, but it just was not the system to carry for moving steam trains, so i started to check out the sony full frame, the lens lineup was thin, and the A7 was not ready for moving subjects in anyway. long story short, the charter got canceled, i decided as a backup/light travel setup sony was very promising, and there were a lot of people raving about sony's approach on the web. sony seems to release new models pretty frequently, some say too often, but it seems every release has major upgrades, stuff the customers want, when they came out with the A7R2 it was just groundbreaking in features, followed shortly by a real roadmap for the lens output, and between the batis lenses and the zeiss partnership, sony had some good stuff coming, yeas they had to work on some quality control issues, but again sony seems to be the most responsive to customers of all the camera manufacturers. bottom line, my standard rail photo charter bag of sony A9, sony 12-24 f4, sony 24-105 f4 and sony 70-300 f4.5-5.6 weighs half what my equivalent canon bag weighed, and lighter bodies and lenses equal lighter tripod legs, the acratech head is a moot point, since that is my preferred head no matter what system i use

    some of you may wonder why i went the A9, simple there was no a7r3 body available when i wanted in and i shoot just enough fast moving things that i really love the focus speed of the a9. most folks would be fine with the a7r3, and frankly the specs on the focus speed of the a73 are coming in so good that many can make do with that, in fact for a lot of the wedding pros that migrated to sony that is becoming the second body of choice versus another a7r3. over on the fred miranda site there is a very intellectual, not fanboy thread comparing the a9 and the a7r3, which very much helped me make my decision for a used a9. a lot of wedding pro's went the a9 because it was the best autofocus at the time, and have since gone to the a7r3 for the resolution, so for awhile there were some good used a9's available. if sony ever comes out with a rumored a9R, maybe in 36 max with the a9 af and processor speed, my order goes in that day, on the spot

    for you tim, the huge 42mpx files of the a7r3 combined with the r3 being pretty good at the 10 frames a second it can do probably makes that the camera for your pro jobs, those are huge highly croppable rich in color files. all 3 models reportedly do very well with the metabones 4 adapter, especially with the newer canon lenses. and the adapter is priced at a point that makes you be able to stay in the canon lenses for awhile. until you decide if you do want to migrate. i would recommend seriously considering renting an a7r3 and the metabones adapter for pixel mania, do not bring the usual tim monster bag of lenses to try to cover everything, bring only the 2-3 lenses you use most often on the pro work, and devote the trip to finding out is this a good solution for you, do you like the output, do not worry about getting all the shots, you make and continue to make enough trips to disney so that you can get more shots some other trip
    in fact let me know what focal lengths you need and even though i am not interested in hauling a huge bag of lenses around wdw, i can take the weight long enough to bring down a few, such as my razor sharp 24-70 f2.8 gm lens,
    i am actually giving serious consideration to an almost all prime trip, i already rented the batis 18mm f2.8, i had it 2 years ago and am still wanting to give a fuller workout since it is a potential buy. focal lengths i will have are 18, 28mm f2, an often overlooked tiny little gem, my painfully sharp 55mm f1.8, and i may pick up the great bargain for the dollars sony 85mm f1.8, coupled with the reasonably light 70-300 and i have a bag that's not too much burden all day.
  5. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

  6. gary

    gary Member

    i think for you the a7r3, more resolution to allow more pull/push in post, a9 is 24 mpx, which is enough for my needs, i went for the af speed, but a lot of your pro stuff is set pieces, interiors etc. if you were doing high school sports/gymnastics etc then id say a9
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