Bald Eagle over the Boardwalk (12/11/22)

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    On the last day of Pixelmania, Sunday morning I was scheduled to be at Tiffin's for the 1pm lunch. I slept in until 10am, and spent the first hour lounging on my balcony at the Boardwalk having coffee and reading Tarantino's Cinema Speculation. I was about to get showered and dressed just before 11am, accounting for the bus wait and ride to AK, when across the river, I heard a loud high call, and saw the telltale colors of a bald eagle landed atop the Swan of the Swan hotel. I ran in to grab my 70-300mm lens, the longest I had with me, and took a shot of the eagle calling out:

    Being a wildlife photographer, I had to stay a while and see if the bald eagle decided to do anything interesting - I got lost in the moment watching the bird, and got lucky when it took flight, and headed right towards me, cruising past my balcony and over the Boardwalk resort:

    After the high of that cool moment passed, I realized it was 20 to noon...I still had to clean up the kitchen, shower, get dressed, get my gear together, walk the 9.6 mile corridors of the Boardwalk to get out to the bus stop, have a bus actually arrive, take the bus ride to Animal Kingdom, and then walk in to Tiffin's. In 1hr 20 min. I did the best I could, getting ready and out of the room at 12:05pm, down to the bus stop by find the bus estimating 25 minutes to the next arrival. Figured I was out for Tiffins. But managed to get the bus and get to the park just after 1pm, and rush my way over to Tiffin's by 1:15pm to find the gang still waiting to be seated. Whew! But the eagle was worth risking it.
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