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Discussion in 'B&H, Affiliate Promotions' started by Tim, May 6, 2011.

  1. Tim

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  2. Roger

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    Everything I'm reading suggests that there will be no more rebates for a very long time on any of the camera brands once these expire. ; Everyone is impacted by the supply chain disruption, and it's not just cameras. ; Nikon even ended their instant rebate programs and supposedly destroyed a Mother's Day flyer because they can't provide the cameras to dealers.
  3. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    howie was telling me that you can't even find a 1dMk4 right now. ; hopefully things will work themselves out. ;
  4. Roger

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    They will work out, it's just going to take probably 6 months for Japan's power issues to be resolved. ; Sony's already postponed one launch and word is that within a month they will announce a whole new slate of stuff (at least the first 24mp APS-C camera and probably five lenses, mostly Zeiss) but they won't be available for purchase until October!

    Nikon's D700 replacement may not even get released this year as well. ; At work I ordered an HP computer for a staff member in early April, was told it would ship on 4/19, got an email on Tuesday that the parts still haven't come in, so the computer is still on hold.

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