auto contrast and level batch process question

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  1. To do auto contrast and level on photoshop I have to do the following

    1. open a file
    2. press ctrl-shift-L
    3. click save
    4. choose the resolution (I stick with level 12 JPEG)
    5. click OK

    Now if I want to do an entire folder, is there an easy way to do this so all I need is to point to the folder and leave?

    Or is there a different program that can do this well in a cheap (or preferably free) way?

    Thank you for the inputs beforehand.
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  2. Scott

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    Probably the best way to do this would be to:

    1. Create an "action" that processes a photo the way you described.

    2. Then, run File - Automate - Batch in PhotoShop. A dialogue box will ask you which action you want to use, which folder you want, and where you want to put the end result.

    I use CS2, so I don't know if this will work for other versions of PhotoShop.

    By the way, auto contrast is alt-shift-ctrl-L, auto levels is shift-ctrl-L, auto color is shift-ctrl-B
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  3. As a learned man once said... "DOH!"

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