2017 Antarctica calendar

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  1. ddindy

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    There's a very interesting documentary currently being shown on the National Geographic channel called Continent 7: Antarctica. It shows various research groups working all around that frigid continent. One of the researchers is studying whales in the Antarctic peninsula, working from the ship Ortelius. Why does this matter? My sister was on the Ortelius at the same time as the NatGeo crew, but as a tourist, not a researcher.

    She has gathered some of the photos that she took on that cruise with her Nikon P900 superzoom in March, 2016 and made a calendar for 2017. You can get your own personal copy from her page at Lulu.com. Click the preview button to see each month.

    For more of her photos from Antarctica and her 2015 Alaska trip, check out her Flickr page.
  2. gary

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    nice, antarctica remains on the bucket list, probably forever due to so many other things ahead of it, but yeah i could see myself doing that
  3. jbwolffiv

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    I just went through her photostream, wow! must have been a great trip
  4. ddindy

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    She has some good stories, and a lot more photos. I keep pestering her to post them, but she's too busy planning more adventure trips.

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