2014 Rock Your DisneySide 24 Hour MK Event

Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by memoriesofdisney, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. Hello all,

    We are planning to do the Disney MK 24 hour event on May 23-24 (6am-6am) non-stop from MK. This years theme is Heroes and Villains.

    Anyone planning to go? Will you guys be dressing up? It's gonna be hot so hard to figure out a costume.
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  2. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    If it doesn't cost so freaking much to fly from Halifax we would be game. But I don't feel like dropping 1000 bucks on 24 hours and that is just the flights.
  3. @Sean I hear you.. We fly from Toronto and sometimes there are cheap flights. We generally drive down but this trip will be a short one from Thursday to Sunday. We have Annual Passes so we are always on the look out for cheap flight.

    This will be our first 24hour event so we will be tweeting live from the event for the entire 24hours. So excited!
  4. Sean

    Sean Administrator Staff Member

    @memoriesofdisney You could drive to Buffalo and fly out on one of the american airlines to keep cost down.
  5. @Sean We looked into it in the past and often found the flights not to be all that much cheaper. After you factor in the time, gas and everything else, it worked out to be almost the same.
  6. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    At this point, I plan to be there. I've been at the previous events and enjoyed them. I like that they've added in a costume theme this year.
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  7. I'm so jealous! I haven't ever been. I'll be living vacuously through you all...
  8. @John Frost Glad to hear. We follow you on twitter and found you always have something interesting. Would you be interested in a meet up?
  9. John Frost

    John Frost Global Moderator Staff Member

    I may post something closer to the date. Never had a meetup for the blog before. :)
  10. We thing a blog meet up would be pretty cool. We will eatch out for the post
  11. kinary

    kinary Member

    I've never heard of this but it sounds so ridiculously fun I don't know what to do with myself. Could someone tell me more about this please?
  12. @kinary The 24hr RockYourDisneySide party happens once each year and has been an annual event for the past 3 years. he first year was during Leap Year so they had it on Feb 29, last year was during the May US long weekend and was the same for this year. Essentially, MK is open from 6am-6am with special events throughout the 24 hours. The same happens at DisneyLand in Cali.

    We have documented much of this event including a full trip report on our blog. I've included the link below if you are interested in reading our our planning leading up to the event and the actual event. We actually posted to IG/FB and tweeted throughout the 24 hours so our friend and family back home could follow along.





    Hope this helps.
  13. kinary

    kinary Member

    thanks memoriesofdisney! I went to your site and it looked like a lot of fun. Have they set a time for 2015. I would love to go and do the attraction challenge your friends did. Also, I just love amusement parks at night. Hopefully I'll get to go. Can I find information for it on Disney's website.
  14. @kinary Thanks for reading our reviews. They have not announced the 2015 dates yet. They usually announce it a few months prior. Everyone just needs to keep checking.

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