What's your 2009 WDW dates?

Discussion in 'Disney Vacation Planning & Transportation' started by realfam, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. that sounds wild - email me if you want me to check something for you (Email Removed) - I can sometimes get rooms blocked with other suppliers if Disney is sold - but I presume you mean Christmas?
  2. scratch

    scratch Member

    Don't forget that the most popular time for DVC memebers!

    Good Luck!
  3. realfam

    realfam Member

    Yes it is.... we had to waitlist our december stay almost 7 months ago

  4. kevings

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    Thanks Sheila. ; I've got feelers out all over the place. ; According to Disney's CRO there is NO availability from December 3-13 at any Value, Moderate or Studio DVC room. ; I've got a CM friend checking for me for a CM discount, and another good friend who is a travel agent checking into it for me too. ; I just read on the Touring Plans blog that another round of discounts may be coming for this fall which sounds weird to me if everything is already booked. ; Would they be holding rooms for upcoming discount promotions?

  5. Bizarre! ;

    I can get Dolphin, Swan or Yacht Club with my company's negotiated rates; but checked other tour operators and Disney itself - between the free dining that is still on at that time, and the Pop Warner (little league football and cheerleading) that is on at that time, they are extremely busy already. ;

    Other tour operators have space at spots like Pop Century, etc., are coming up as "on request".... however, AKL is coming up at Dec.3-13 for family 4 (2a, 2k 3 and 10) with 10 day ph and free dining for just over $4k...

    So, if you want to think of deluxe, or staying offsite, there are plenty of options - but free dining with Pop Warner is already plugging up what was once a traditionally slow time to go! (things have been changing over last couple of years... but not usually this early. ; Bizarre to me, because I just booked a client with almost these exact same dates last week, with no issue).

    Still lots of terrific off-site spots, of course - Sheraton Vistana comes to mind as condo-type setting, or Bahama Bay... let me know if I can help.
  6. kevings

    kevings Member

    Thanks for checking into this, Sheila. ; I'm looking for a room-only reservation, with an AP discount, if possible. ; Right now I'm actually leaning toward the Downtown Disney Hilton which is showing rates around $124 with a CAA discount. ; Deluxe is out, saving money wherever possible is importnat!
  7. WDW Donna

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    Just booked a short trip in December - 11-13th. DH is going to the PRI show at the convention centre and I am just going to hang out on my own at the parks. We got Coronado Springs ; for a great CAA rate online! I can't wait!!!! It will be our first time staying at CSR. We are also doing Ohana for dinner on Friday night for the first time.
  8. Sean&Karen

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    A bunch of us will be down doing during that time and we are planning on getting together .... If you wanted to join..

    check out http://www.disneymagic.ca/forum/index.p ... 729.0.html for more details

  9. kevings

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    So the whole resort is still showing as booked, but I finally broke down and booked a non-Disney hotel for the December trip. ; I went through Hotels.ca and got the Downtown Disney Hilton. ; $104 the first 8 nights, $88 for the last 2. ; They charge for parking there, but they participate in Extra magic Hours, so it all evens out. ; I'm kind of looking forward to staying there actually...
  10. Just back from 11 nights, 12 days at the glorious Grand Floridian! ; What a wonderful time! ; What a shock to come from 95 degrees (35 celsius - before humidity) in Orlando to Ottawa and it's 3 degrees!
  11. CameraGirl

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    I bet the Grand Floridian was amazing to stay at Shelia. ; It is too bad that you had to go back to cold, but it could even be worse since it is actually snowing here Calgary. ;

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