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  1. realfam

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    We already know who going, lets get everyone to share their vacation experiences here. ; Pictures always welcome.
    As for us, we currently loading the van getting ready to drive to Buffalo for our night stay at Sleep Inn (our hotel of choice for stay&fly packages). ; Our flight is first thing tomorrow morning. ; Should be in MCO by noon. ; AKV by 3pm ; MK by 5pm. ;
    Stay ; tuned....
  2. Ham Ham

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    Safe travels. Call us when you arrive at AKL.
    321.438.6421 Ham Ham US mobile phone.

    Local call from the hotels in WDW.
  3. realfam

    realfam Member

    We arrived at AKV yesterday afternoon. ; Very happy to report we got upgraded to a Savanah view room. ; Then eldest DD and I headed to the MK for extended hours. ;
    AS luck would have it we did not take our rain ponchos with us and yes it poured rain and yes we got soaked. ; Well worth it though
    Spent the am today at AK for rope drop and we were walking right onto the rides until about noon. ; Which was fine with us, cause with the temp rising we headed back to the lodge for a swim. ; WE are currently getting ready to head to Wilderness Lodge for dinner with some old friends and then hopefully hooking up with the Hamham crew for sometime at the MK.
  4. Ham Ham

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    Lucky Realfam on the upgrades!! ;D

    The Hamettes and I met up with Realfam and his crew at AKV.

    The afternoon was spent in the Uzima pool.

    Around the water like a regular guy was Danny Glover of the Lethal Weapon franchise of films. He was their with his grandson.

    We saw him pose with a guy from the UK for a quick snap.


    I was tempted to ask for a photo also but he was relaxing on a chair by the pool wanted to respect his privacy.
    Perhaps I will see if he's still there later in the week.
  5. realfam

    realfam Member

    So far an amazing trip! ; We all thought it was a just a Danny Glover look alike when hamham spot him, but sure enough it really was.
    We just moved into our concierge room here at AKV and let me tell you its really really nice and the staff are amazing. ; We did afternoon snacks and just finished having some african finger foods and washed them down with some african shiraz and I currently having a Tusker beer from Kenya. ; Very nice and I would highly recommend it!!!!
  6. We're at the concierge at Poly - awfully nice to come back from a day at the park and have cold beer and hot appetizers waiting for you. ; Heaven!
  7. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    In Fla since the 23rd we had a wonderful days at Disney Vero Beach and since the 27th the WDW area has been our home.
    Saw the Realfam crew 3 times at AKL and hosted them here at our accommodations at the Disney's Boardwalk Villas. Realfam and his ladies are now out in the Atlantic on the Disney Wonder.

    Tomorrow we fly back to Pittsburgh and then drive home to Mississauga.

    Awesome trip, spectacular weather and good times.
  8. scratch

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    Safe Travels home! ; Be prepared, the weather has drastically changed here!
  9. Ham Ham

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    Our trek back to Canada started at 08:00 Saturday morning, when we left Boardwalk Villas.

    The 10:50 Southwest flight back to Pittsburgh was delayed until 11:30. After a plane and gate change we were on our way.

    Landed in PIT at 13:30. Luggage, shuttle and in our mini van at the Hotel by 14:20

    Lunch at a local area mall and at 15:30 then I-70, I-90, I-190 and QEW laid ahead.

    Stopped just west of Buffalo at a Wegmans for some grocery shopping.

    Picked up our dog Charlie from my cousins and we were home at 21:30.

    Unpacking today and I prepare to head back to work tomorrow on Labour Day.

    The Hamettes return to work and school on Tuesday.

    The highlight of the vacation for me was the time spent at Disney's Vero Beach.

    The informal, un-buttoned atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered. I spent most days pool or beachside enjoying the happiness plastered over my girls faces.

    Another memorable memory is the time spent with Realfam and his crew at AKV, BWV and at Welcome Home Wednesday.
  10. Hi gang - we had an awesome time at Disney! ; I've posted several blogs, with more to come. ; See the one on the queue for Toy Story Mania to get a feel for what I'm writing about.

    Love to hear from others about their trips!

    http://sheila0gh.wordpress.com/2010/09/ ... -the-wait/
  11. realfam

    realfam Member

    We just walked in the door.................WOW what a trip!
    I will post our high light and plenty of pics . ; Got go do some unpacking now
  12. Sean&Karen

    Sean&Karen Guest

    each of you should post a separate trip report.

    Oh and HamHam i am jealous ... realfam has stood me up since 2008
  13. realfam

    realfam Member

    ahhh thats not true.... ; your in WDW this december aren't you. ; Were there from dec 4-9t SSR and AKV ; ; We'll defiantely have to hook up....

    If not then, marathon weekend....huh?
  14. realfam

    realfam Member

    I would like to share some of the high lights of our aug/sept 2010 vacation to Florida. ;In a nut shell, we flew from Buffalo to Orlando. ;Stayed 3 nights AKV savanah, 3 nights AKV conciergw, 4 day cruise on the Wonder, 1 night upon return at All Star Movies and flew home labour. ;Needless to say it was quite the adventure. ;We were able to spend time with good friends while down there and storm the parks.

    Here's some highlights
    Nothing better than seeing Mickey when you drive into WDW

    Every visit we take a picture of the DD at this spot so we can always look back and see how much they have grown.

    A little treat left out for us when we first checked into AKV
  15. realfam

    realfam Member


    Our view from our room


    Concierge liquors in the evening

  16. realfam

    realfam Member

    Concierge treats never seemed to end

    More concierge offering

    We bumped into Goofy at Pirates of the Carribean

    had to ride Dumbo
  17. realfam

    realfam Member

    We had a lovely dinner with friends over at Wilderness Lodge's Whispering Pines restaurant!!!!! ; Never got a chance to ask for the ketchup though, but man they have good ribs there.

    One of the evenings out with the Hamham crew we headed down to DTD where all the girls got silver rings made (hand carved). ; Great souvenir!

    Loved coming hoe to AK concierge in the evening to be greated by these......
  18. realfam

    realfam Member

    So on the wednesday of our trip Hamham had invited our gang over to Boardwalk for Welcome Home Wednesday, a swim in the pool and pizza dinner from Flipper (awesome pizza and amazing bread sticks).

    So as luck would have it, we walked into WHW, sat down and as the event started the picked contestants out of the audience and sure enough they chose our very own Hamham! ; I must say he did a great job answering the game show questions and ading entertainment for the audience. ; Unforetunatey Deevy wasn't there, but we had her daughter Ariel (who I think took quite the liking to Hamham).


    At the end of the show all the members got their new white DVC hats and headed on their way. ; We headed for the pool

  19. Ham Ham

    Ham Ham Member

    This year I took home a stool, bag, cooler.
    Last years umbrella was more practical.
    I had a lot of fun.
    Still haven't been to Boma.
  20. realfam

    realfam Member

    Eldest DD said she'd take ya!


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