PIXELMANIA October 20th-24th 2021

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    Maybe so, but I don’t think I could have done RotR 3 times in 1.5hrs if lightening lane had been up and running.

    Regardless of attendance, fast pass / lightning lane increase standby waits across the board. I would prefer to wait 30 min each for 3 rides for example rather than 90min for one and walk onto a second via lightning lane.
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    Am I understanding correctly. The Lightning Lane Service is going to be $15 a day, but rides like RoR, Avatar there is an additional charge?
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    I haven’t looked at the pricing, but your correct that there will be a fee for most of the rides in each park with the most popular one or two in each park being a separate fee. You can pay for the separate fee rides like RotR and Avatar without paying for the others.
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  4. Correct and it will go by day and attraction.

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    Thank you.
    I believe paying the $15 a day, you can only reserve one Lightning Lane at a time? This would add up fast. If you’re paying $15 a day plus whatever $$ extra for certain rides each day? Or don’t pay anything and get in the Standby Line ?
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    Everything in purple is included in the base price. The blue is individual charge per attraction, and you can only buy a specific attraction once per day. Pricing is variable as well.

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    Some sample pricing

    On Oct. 19:
    Everest: $7
    Mine Train: $10
    Ratatouille: $9
    Rise of the Resistance: $15

    On Oct. 23:
    Everest: $7
    Mine Train: $12
    Ratatouille: $11
    Rise of the Resistance: $15
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    Saw this on Bob’s Facebook page… his show is going to be heavily modified to reduce audience participation. It will be interesting to see what it will turn into.

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    I guess I'll have to find some other way to get some exercise next week. :D
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    No “ever did I see” laps around the bar for you…

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    Wow… has anyone looked at Touring Plans today? They just adjusted their numbers after the miscalculation this past week. The days we are there went from 1s and 3s all the way up to 4s to 6s (with a smattering of 1s,2s and 3s in there) for half the parks. Luckily we are mostly in the 1-3 range with DHS day at a 5 (I think).

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    I watched it on a live stream last night. The show was great. He had some stand in place and do this type moments and asked everyone to put on a mask before standing up. He did not encourage any singing along per the Mouse’s request but the audience sang anyway. Despite requests from the crowd he said he can’t do Sweet Caroline, Sara and a couple others until the rules are relaxed.

    He also worked some new material into the show he’s used on his Sunday evening shows during the pandemic.

    They did take away our favorite table in the front and put up a rope to keep people away from Bob while he sings maskless on stage.
  13. This is going to be tough, because people who don't cooperate have the potential to derail Bob's show.
  14. I wish I could see into the Disney reservation system to see if these hotel rooms are actually sold, and these people are actually coming, or if it's just locals because the weather is finally turning cooler next week.

    In any case, if touring plans has access to the Disney reservation system numbers, then these ratings are to be believed.

    BTW: The weather's going to be in the mid '70s to mid '80s and I think the nights are going to be very pleasant during Pixelmania.

    In other news I booked a "Feel the burn" package to watch the Falcon 9, Crew 3 launch on Saturday morning October 30th. I'll be about 3 miles away from the launch pad at the Banana Creek viewing location.

    This package cost about $250 bucks. From what I understand, they're hard to come by because they sell out quickly, especially for the bigger rocket launches. I got a notification that they were selling these packages and I jumped on it!

    This is a bucket list experience for me. When I was little girl I distinctly remember watching the moon landing during the summer that I had graduated from kindergarten. From then on, for years afterwards, I always wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween.

    That drove my dad crazy because he's such a misogynist. He didn't feel like women deserved to be astronauts... and here his little girl was running around begging for candy from the neighbors dressed up in her Apollo finest. *Note: This was before some jackass thought that making "mini sized" candy was a good idea. Every year I managed to drag home at least a thousand pounds of candy because I lived in a row home neighborhood and I really cleaned up on Halloween!

    So back to that feel the burn launch package... It includes a catered meal,which is hopefully not astronaut ice cream, some commemorative coin, some other crap and a 2-day pass to the Space Center, One day is for the launch and another day is just to Pal around at the facilities. Oh, And I get free parking for just one day.

    Generous, aren't they...

    I had to call and ask if I could take a tripod because I've never done this before and there was no helpful information readily available.

    The lady that I talked to was not what one would consider a font of information on the basics, like what time do they let you come to the launch site for this rocket launch that starts at 2:30 a.m..

    When I asked her about bringing a tripod she hemmed and hawed and said that it was frowned upon. I then questioned her because it's basically a yes or no answer and she grudgingly allowed that yes you are allowed to take tripods.

    If you look at pictures from that launch location that people have taken with their cell phone cameras and posted online, there is a forest of tripods at the one end.

    This camera Nerd will not be denied.

    Of course if they have an open seat on that launch and they're looking for volunteers my hand will go up promptly! Take that William Shatner!
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    I think he’s ok. Disney said he couldn’t encourage any sing alongs. They never said the people couldn’t sing without his encouragement which is exactly what happened. Also he reminds everyone to put on their masks when he asks them to stand up and do something, so he’s going above and beyond to tow the company line.

    Of course there’s the bottom line which is that they print money when Bob’s at the Roost. They aren’t going to stop that.
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    I can tell you that DAK is currently a $hit show. Every lounge has a wait. We have our name in at Nomad, 75 minutes. 20 people in line for any walk up adult beverage location. But Tiffins has availability for right now. So yeah, probably locals. The weather is really comfortable. Cool by central Florida standards. Nice day in the park otherwise. Haven’t ridden anything.

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    I shot the first Falcon Heavy launch from this location. It's an amazing view of that launch pad. When I went, tripods were no problem at all- there were probably a hundred of them that day. Here is what the viewing opportunity is like from that site:

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  18. Thank you so much for sharing that information with me, I really appreciate it. Your information is helping to set me up for success. Now I just have to figure out the exposure settings for a night launch.

    I'll be taking two cameras with me, the Nikon D850 and the Nikon D6 and setting them up on tripods And using a remote release.

    What focal length is this exposure? I'll have the 200 to 500 mm Nikon 5.6 lens, the 70 to 200, And a Nikon 70 to 300 f 4.5 lens.

    I also have a monopod with the Wimberley gimbal on it, but I can't really see using that was more than one camera. However if that would be the perfect setup to take multiple shots then I'll have to grow some more hands.
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    Checked with my friend Walter who shoots most of the launches professionally. He shared that his settings for Falcon 9 night launches are 1/500 f5 800 ISO. Make sure to lock in focus before the launch, switch to manual focus and he recommends a piece of gaffer tape on the focus ring to keep it from moving.

    More info from Walter’s site here:


    He has tips for the streak shot on that info page. I recommend doing that with the second camera and a medium to wide angle lens.
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  20. You guys are Awesome!. Thanks a million!
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