PIXELMANIA October 20th-24th 2021

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  1. The Pixelmania Planning Board is pleased to announce the park of the day for this year's October 2021 Pixelmania.
    Keep in mind that these plans may have to change contingent on any conniptions on Disney's part.

    As of the date of this post, Disney is still requiring that you have park reservations so make plans accordingly.

    Wednesday Oct. 20th we will be having our pre meet dinner at a location to be announced in the future. This meal will be around 5pm, give or take a couple of ticks on the clock. When the planning board has the dining reservations made we will make the announcements and post a sign up list. After dinner we plan on going places on Disney property so stay tuned for that announcement.

    Thursday Oct. 21st Our park of the day will be Epcot

    Friday Oct. 22nd
    Our park of the day will be Magic Kingdom. As of the date of this post Disney has not announced if there will be a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party but we are hopeful that they will. If they do, we are guessing that this will be one of the dates that they will have it so be on the lookout for ticket sales.

    Saturday October 23rd This will most likely be our Hollywood Studios day.

    Sunday October 24th will most likely be our Animal Kingdom day. This may be a day where we park hop over to Epcot, either for a meal around dinner time or for a second shot at Harmonious, which we are hoping will be showing in October. The dining situation for this day will have to worked out by the Planning Board. Dining announcements will be announced after reservations have been secured.

    Please continue to check back with this thread on a regular basis to check for any updates. We hope to see you at Pixelmania this year!
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  2. ddindy

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    For those planning to fly Southwest to Orlando, we can make our reservations starting April 22, 2021.
  3. Just a heads up. You can make your park reservations for October now.

    If you are staying offsite but you have an Annual Pass, you can make 3 days worth of Park reservations. I'm not sure what the deal is with people staying on property but I believe that you can make park pass reservations for your length of stay.

    I will spare you my whining about how stupid this system is.

    I will encourage you to MAKE YOUR PARK PASS RESERVATIONS NOW, because who knows how crazy it will get for October and crowd levels.

    Make sure you get the dates right.

    I've had to make reservations for Thursday (Epcot), Friday (MK), and Saturday (DHS) to make sure I can get into the parks for Pixelmania but I'll need to figure out a way to get into the parks before then because I am limited to 3 reservations at a time.

    Also, as of today's date you need to have a park reservation and Scan into that park before you can hop to another available park after (I think it's) 2pm

    Fun, fun, fun.

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  4. ddindy

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    UPDATE: Southwest will start taking Pixelmania reservations on April 1, 2021. Reset your alarm!
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  5. RedOctober25

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    Could you purchase a ticket voucher for the number of days you need with the start date being when you arrive... then transfer that cost towards the renewal of an annual pass? Or would that drop your reservations the moment it switched? Probably not... just spitballin’ crazy ideas.

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  6. I'm not an expert but I think you can. I'd send an email to guest services and see what they say. I'd also bet that they will start selling AP's any day now that Florida has declared that anyone of any age or condition can get vaccinated starting April 4th. I think a huge concern was CM's not able to get vaccinated. Now this barrier will be removed and I think by May, AP's will return for sale again.

    Shows are rumored to be starting up again in July now that social distancing can be tightened among the "Vaccinated" guests.
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  7. Nancy AK

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    I don’t think the 2pm Park Hopping is set in stone. Last week we were at AK, then went to DS for lunch, and Epcot at 1pm, then back to AK at 6pm.
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  8. ddindy

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    Southwest is now taking reservations for Pixelmania flights.
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  9. Nancy AK

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    I missed the location, where is the Pre Pixelmania Dinner going to be at?
  10. ddindy

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    @Nancy AK We normally announce the meal locations a month or two before Pixelmania. We have locations in mind, but we can't make reservations until mid-July, so nothing can be finalized yet.

    Although now that I think of it, didn't Joanie say something about Sanaa on the Zoom chat?
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  11. RedOctober25

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    Yes, that is the current tentative plan... with a post-pre-meet trip to Destino at Coronado.

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