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  1. Re: the memory cards/Lap top, etc, etc... I am on the other side of the Spectrum so I usually drag the I.B.M. main frame along with the lap top and external hard drive.

    TSA keeps asking when I'm going to be on the next episode of "Camera Equipment Hoarders"

    Kill me now... the first thing that I thought of when I saw the Eat to the Beat schedule was Why can't they rotate the performers to different dates. I like Billy Ocean and he does a good job but for God's sake rotate your stock Disney!

  2. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Well, if you stick around long enough you can hear Mmmp-bop (unless they don’t play the main hit they’re know for)...


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  3. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    What is this at Epcot, Billy Ocean Epcot Days?..

    Joanie E-K LOL. I’m sure TSA loves it.

    I don’t think I’ll bring my laptop, I’m just going to bring separate SD cards for each day.
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  4. ddindy

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    Hey, I see my favorite band is doing several dates. I hope they play all of TBD's Greatest Hits.
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  5. RedOctober25

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    TBD was amazing at the Candlelight Processional last year. Heard there were huge lines waiting for each of the showtimes.

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  6. Just a personal note. I have ALL of TBD's albums. Is that oversharing? Asking for a friend....

  7. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    What’s TBD
  8. To Be Determined
  9. gary

    gary Member

    i like TBD, some friends of mine got to jam with them, all around good musicians and good guys, but they do not know how to do the business end of being a touring band, never get firm contracts, never know to put comfort riders on the contract, iffy transportation scene,
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  10. Yeah, unfortunately most of their albums are Bootleg copies downloaded on the internet...

  11. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    Is anyone purchasing a Dining Plan? Do you think the dining plans a value or not worth it?
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  12. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    I typically do not get one only because I’m typically a “spur of the moment” diner and never know which park I’ll be in most of the time. So set ADRs (outside of pixelmania) are a hassle (ie being in a set place at a set time)...

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  13. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    Just curious about the value of the dining plans. The last trips we’ve got the Quick Service and came home with 37 snacks, we had 3 dining reservations outside of the plan. sometimes it’s more of a hassle to plan meal reservations. I usually like to do a combo of table and counter meals.

    What is everyone’s opinion, are the dining plans a value or not worth it?
  14. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    A trip with friends last September I had the dining plan because everyone in the room had to have it (and they wanted to use it so they could budget easier by paying up front for meals)... anyway, long story short, I came home with 50 rice crispie treats and my friend’s family came home with 70... and that was for a one week vacation (after a Disney cruise). They have since decided it was not worth it for them and will now put the money they would have spent on the dining plan onto a gift card to be used for meals (until the final day).

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  15. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    When the dining plan was first introduced, it was a good deal and saved you money. Now I don't think it saves much if anything. It does allow you to pre-pay for meals which does appeal to some people.

    I'll take the free dining offer if it's the only discount available, but I don't fool with it otherwise.
  16. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    This is what I was think about doing, using gift cards.
  17. IMHO, the dining plan is making you pay upfront for meals/snacks that you you might not use. There is also the logistics of trying to carve out time for table service meals. In general, the consensus among the Disney Blogger community is that dining plan only has value if you are going to carefully engineer it's use for 2 table service credit meals.

    There is also the concern of dining at venues that offer poor value for dining credits used and the concept of having to order food as part of a meal that you don't really want to eat, like an appetizer or a dessert.

    Finally it's going to be hot out in October. It's harder to eat frequently when it's hot and since you are prepaying for meals you will have to plow through those credits or you wind up overpaying for the dining plan.

    Finally vol. 2, it's food and wine at Epcot so that might be where you'd like to have your focus.

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  18. Nancy K

    Nancy K Member

    Thank you. I was just looking at the temperatures for October. Food and wine at Epcot, for some reason I thought was over by the time we got there?
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  19. It runs from Aug. 30th to Nov. 12th.
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  20. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    Yeah, 2019 is so confusing with Star Wars Land opening, we've started discussing it, which is unusually early for us.

    Back to 2018, the earliest meet we're currently considering is at 10:30am, so you have plenty of time to grab breakfast before that.

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