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  1. yensid71973

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    Any thoughts about the 2018 Pixelmania dates yet? If it is going to be in October the DVC members will want to make their resort reservation this month.
  2. I agree so maybe this time I can get in DVC instead of the Marriot. Although I was the one that dragged my feet.

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  3. ddindy

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    The planning board has picked the dates. I've just asked them why we can't share our choice with everyone yet.
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  4. ddindy

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    The dates for Pixelmania 2018 are October 24-28, the weekend before Halloween. Let the phone dialing begin!
  5. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    Thank you.
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  6. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    I booked my reservation for this trip. Yeah!!!
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  7. RedOctober25

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    Got my Trip mostly booked... currently at Kidani from the 21st to 26th and Bay Lake from the 26th to 30th... need to wait until the 7 month window to get the 31st and 1st (and to try and get the full stay at one resort versus split). And then of course airfare once it opens up.

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  8. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    I have my resort booked. When Southwest opens their schedule for those days I will adjust my dates.
  9. ddindy

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    Southwest says "On February 8, 2018 we will open our schedule for sale through September 28, 2018." So I guess it will be a while before we can book October.
  10. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    I saw that also. Our dates will probably be a couple of months after that.
  11. RedOctober25

    RedOctober25 Member

    Disney just sent me an email with the DVC Moonlight Magic dates for 2018.... and does not have any for October. I also miss it just before (and after) my trip in March.

    As for airfare, I’m once again stuck with allegiant so my booking window probably won’t open up until April/may at the earliest.

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  12. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    I will at WDW for 2 of the Moonlight Magic Magic Kingdom days with family. (January 28 and February 6.) YEAH!!! Also as of now the park closes at 8:30PM. That will be good since most of us are day people.
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  13. gary

    gary Member

    casa gary de boardwalk is officially booked for a tuesday-tuesday pixel mania 2018, with maybe extension dates to follow

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  14. I booked off site for Pixelmania 2018. My dates are Tuesday Oct. 23rd to Nov. 5th
    I am sick and tired of Disney charging more and giving less, especially at the resorts. My stay at filthy floor Plop Century for Pixelmania 2017 confirmed the need to look elsewhere.

    Disney wants an average of $137 per night minus taxes for Plop Century as I write this. The rates are definitely going to go up this year and when that tram opens they are going to go even higher.

    I was able to book Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista for $92 per night minus taxes.
    That's a suite that comes with a full kitchen, seating area, FREE wifi & parking and NO RESORT FEES.
    $92 bucks per night and the pool is nice too.
    Oh and an included hot breakfast EVERY MORNING
    $45 dollars PER DAY cheaper...
    I never got a Disney room discount for Pixelmania 2017 so I'm figuring that room discounts, much like EMH are disappearing.... just like housekeeping. Do I sound bitter? Yeah, you betcha.



    To get this preferred rate, sign up for their exclusive emails. There is a link at the bottom of their web page.

    This is also a reservation that is able to be canceled within 3 days of check in with a full refund. Pretty much every other resort was a no cancellation/pay in full for this kind of low rate.

    This is NOT a 60 day fast pass/EMH hotel but is is a "Disney Good Neighbor Hotel" what ever the hell that means. I'll have an Annual Pass so I can book FP at 30 days out. I can only think of one ride that I want to go on that I'll need a FP for and that's the Slinky Dog Coaster at Toy Story Land. I'll live if I don't get on it. Extra Magic Hours only matter if I want to ride the rides and I have all day to do that. I'm wandering around taking pictures at night anyway. All I have to do is be in the park before EMH kick in and I'm golden. I'm golden anyway, 24/7 but I digress...

    It's 10 mins north of Disney Springs (2.7 miles)
    20 mins to MK (10 miles)
    18 mins from Epcot (8 miles)
    and who cares how far it is from AK (hint: Not Me)

    I'll need a car but I've been jonesing to drive down again. It's 18 hours away but I want to make a road trip out of it. No more fricking Disney Buses. No more scooter loading. No more standing and craming in a packed bus and my AP has free parking at the parks. I'll be honking madly as I cut off all the Disney Buses ; )

    So I basically researched this area for days and this is the best deal that I could find. Low prices, all the amenities and it's close to The parks. I've stayed at this type of resort before so I'm sure it's exactly what I want/need.

    There are a ton of places to stay but they are all basically the same. My consideration for an off site Suite stay is:
    1) Price for amenities offered (I wanted a fridge with freezer, a kitchen that was actually useful and the ability to do laundry on site, hopefully in my room) This place has a community laundry room.
    2) Quality of unit (some of them were more expensive and poorly reviewed)
    3) A pool that wasn't just a cement pond on a barren concrete slab. Throw down some palm trees and for God's sake make it feel like I'm in Florida.
    4) Distance to the parks
    5) distance to an Olive Garden. Ok so I'm kidding about that. But there are a ton of restaurants etc in the area so keep sucking it Disney. Watch my money wave good bye...

    PS, Everyone I know who has heard about DVC always asks me why I don't own it. I always say it's because Disney might change in ways that I don't like. This core concept that they are fiercely embracing of charging you more and giving you less has finally driven me to seek better lodging elsewhere. I say again, Suck it Disney!
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  15. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

    Hate to say it.....but you're right!
  16. skupaychck

    skupaychck Member

    Hi Jackie! By any chance would you happen to have an extra ticket for either of those Moonlight Magic nights? I know it is a long shot, since DVC seems to be tightening up their reservations. Just thought I would ask. - Susan
  17. skupaychck

    skupaychck Member

    You are both right.
  18. yensid71973

    yensid71973 Member

    Sorry, Susan, I just book enough places for my family members who are staying at the resort with me.
  19. skupaychck

    skupaychck Member

    No worries! Just thought I would ask. Have a great time!
  20. skupaychck

    skupaychck Member

    So, when I added the "Pixelmania" dates to my calendar, it suggested Pixelmania locations in India, Israel and Argentina! Those countries aren't even IN Epcot! LOL
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