My trip in a P-51 Mustang

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    Thanks to my benefactor (my dad) I had the chance to take a 20 minute flight in a P-51 Mustang last weekend at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's World War II Weekend. We arrived at 7:30 and we allowed in to check in so we grabbed Michael’s chair to put with ours.

    We were able to walk around some before all the rif-raf (Micheal) entered at 8:30. We came across the B-17 that was used for the movie, sadly it was only a display and did not fly in the show.

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    We then came across Doc, the now 2nd B-29 to be flying. There was a group doing some photos so we jumped in for a bit. Just wish I had framed this one better. Sadly, this too did not fly in the show, but Michael did see her fly. I am sure he will tell that story.

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    My dad was to fly first and I was able to get this shot of him during takoff.

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    When my turn came around, like I said, I decided to take only my phone, and I was glad I did. There is very little room in the cockpit of a Mustang, my phone did me just fine. Here was my view before the pilot got in. Mark flies for Southwest, does this for fun. He even owns a T-6 trainer in Texas. I am thinking the iPad was something introduced after the war.

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    and my view while up flying

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    And here is the obligatory photo of dad, Mark and I after my flight.

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    It is hard to explain the fun and thrill of this experience. The funny thing is that I am not a fan of flying, makes me nervous. But nothing about this flight had me nervous at all, just pure fun. No acrobatics, which I have done aobut 22 years ago in a T-6, and almost blew chunks all over the instrument panel (sat in front in the T-6). We did a few wing overs, but nothing too strenuous so I did not need the barf bag that was in the cockpit.

    Now to start going through that photos from the airshow, which was a little light on the planes due to weather preventing them form getting there.
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  8. OK so I see Doc but which one of you was Dopey and which one was Grumpy? And isn't Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror picture show? I don't think that was a Disney production...

    All kidding aside this sounds like a very cool experience. Thanks for sharing.

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    I was both Saturday evening when I didn't check the camera strap, resulting in my camera impacting the parking deck floor at the hotel. Thankfully, the L bracket and the sunshade took the brunt of the impact and the camera appears to be properly functioning.
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  10. Yikes! I still shudder when I remember Tim dropping his 70 to 200 lens in the hub. He was behind me and I heard it bounce twice on the pavement. That was the worst sound I ever heard from a camera drop event.
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    NO, i daresay the great bag drop of 2010 was the worst sound, we actually heard glass tinkle, RIGHT TIM??
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