First ND Filter Shots during Illuminations

Discussion in 'Epcot Photos' started by jbwolffiv, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. WDWFigment

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    Nice--agree with others about the focal length and exposure time.

    I just ordered a 9 stop ND filter to replace my dearly departed B+W 1.8 (6 stop). It might be a little crazy, but I'm really looking forward to getting that bad boy out there! :)
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    Which filter are you getting? Another B&W? I am saving up for the Vari-Duo that Gary uses.
  3. WDWFigment

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    Since I use wide angle lenses so much, I've decided to steer clear of Vari-ND filters. Just not worth the work in post processing (or the cost--I can achieve basically the same thing by adjusting aperture and ISO), in my opinion.

    Here's the filter I ordered: ... p_192.html

    That's the cheapest place I could find it. They actually have an eBay store--I contacted them on eBay to see if they'd sell cheaper outside of eBay (to save on their fees--yeah, I'm that cheap!) and they sent me a link to their store. Ended up costing $85 shipped after I applied the coupon "SUMMER" - not a bad price for a brand name 9 stop filter!

    The B+W 3.0 (10 stop) was what I originally wanted, but for ~$25 more, I decided to go the cheaper route (plus, the B+W filter for that price came from Hong Kong, and even though the seller had great feedback, I was a little weary of getting a fake).

    I've done so much research on ND filters, way too much, actually. Someday I'll have to take the time to write down all of my thoughts on them.
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    Thanks Tom, thinking I will be ordering another one before Pixelmania.

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