Upcoming Disney trips: March, June, September so far

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    Figured I'd pop in and update my booked Disney trips so far for 2023. I haven't completed all - may squeeze in another two - definitely will be one sometime in December for Christmas. In case any of you will be up there at the same time and want to meet up for a hello, drink, or dinner.

    March 10 - 14 - Staying at Saratoga Springs DVC
    June 9 - 13 - Staying at Boulder Ridge DVC
    September 15 - 19 - Staying at Boardwalk DVC.

    March will likely be with family, June or September may be with a friend, and whichever one he doesn't pick will be a solo trip. 2022 was an all-Boardwalk year - this time, I decided to mix it up a little (March was the only one I had to take what was available - and Saratoga was all that was available - which is fine...haven't stayed there in over a year, and it's nice to walk over to Disney Springs which I pretty much skipped all last year.

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