Mouse vs Viking: What should be done at the Epcot Norway Pavilion?

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    Some colleagues and I are doing a study with our students and we PLEASE need your help and opinions! Our completely anonymous and brief, 3 minute survey, described below is on Survey Monkey at:

    Opened in 1988 as the (currently) final addition to the World Showcase portion of Epcot Center, which features 10 other countries, the Norway Pavilion and it's theme-ride "Maelstrom" is felt by some to be in need of a "face lift" after more than 25 years. Norway stopped partially funding the Pavilion in 2002, leaving it up to Disney to do with it as it pleases/needs. It has been reported this year that Disney has requested Norway to provide up to $9 million to upgrade the Pavilion/Maelstrom, or to allow Disney to continue having full control.

    Disney is rumored to be closing the Maelstrom ride in September, 2014, to reconstruct it as a "Frozen" themed ride, due to the enormous popularity of the movie. Released less than a year ago, "Frozen" is already the highest grossing animated film of all time and the 5th highest of all films and takes place in an imaginary land called "Arendelle" which the movie producers based largely on Norwegian sites, imagery, and culture. Disney has already made many modifications to the Norway Pavilion to incorporate "Frozen" decor and merchandise.

    There is debate, both within and outside of Norway as to what should be done with this pavilion. Should the Norwegian government pay? Should they find private/corporate sponsors much like the group that originally funded most of the construction? Or, should Disney be accountable for determining what is best and continue to be responsible for the funding? Can Disney be trusted to keep the Pavilion a good representation of the people and culture of Norway? Our research is trying to find answers to these and other questions.

    You are encouraged to take part in the brief online survey they are conducting at:

    Both residents of Norway and the rest of the world are encouraged to take part. There is a link with the survey at the very top for a Norwegian version of the questionnaire. Approximately 3 minutes is all that is needed.

    Mahalo, tusen takk, and thank you!!

    Brian Metcalf
    Hawaii Pacific University

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