Indiana State Fair midway (and the rest of the fair)

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    It's good to have a real brick-and-mortar camera store nearby. In 2018, Roberts Camera offered a night photography workshop on the midway of the Indiana State Fair. It was neat to get out and try a few new tricks with a group of like-minded people. Here are the results.

    There was a 40% chance of rain in the forecast and things weren't looking too promising at the scheduled meeting time. Fortunately, the sky started to clear up and gave is a beautiful red sky at sunset.

    Sunset on the Midway

    Thanks to modern LED lighting, I had a hard time getting exposures long enough to give the desired effect. (I packed some ND filters, but sadly left them in the car parked at the opposite end of the fairgrounds.) The Freak Out ride has four sets of seats at the end of an arm that swings and spins. In the background you can see the Screamer, which is an older ride that just spins around.

    Freaking Out

    The instructor had us try some zoom action during the exposures. This is another spinny ride called 1001 Nachts.

    1001 Nachts

    This is my favorite of the evening. The moving lights combined with the zoom resulted in an interesting effect.

    Alien Abduction

    It was definitely a learning experience. At WDW, I'm used to 20-30 second exposures at f/8. On the brightly lit midway, I was had the lens closed all the way down to f/22 and could only manage 2-4 second exposures without blowing out highlights. Next time I'll remember the ND filters.
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    Night photography on a fair midway is always a fun time. Nice set, @ddindy

    The NY State Fair opened last week and I will be making multiple visits over the next 10 days.
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    It's almost State Fair time again, so I'm posting some more photos from the 2018 Indiana State Fair.

    This was my favorite ride as a kid. I could still ride it, but I've been spoiled by Disney World.

    Spinny Fun
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    Just the thing for plowing your garden: A half-scale model of a steam traction engine.

    Think Small
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    I assume that most, if not all, state fairs have some sort of a parade. In Indiana, there is an antique farm equipment parade in the late afternoon. It's mostly tractors, but this fuel delivery truck qualifies since it probably visited many farms in the area.

    It's a 1928 Ford model AA truck. I love to read the specs on old engines - according to the signe, the engine in this one has four cylinders totaling 200 cubic inches, producing all of 40 horsepower.

    Making Its Mark
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    If you eat all of the interesting and unique fair food, this hyperspeed Ferris wheel might make you hurl it into the next county.

    Snacks and Spins
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    Things are really green at the Indiana State Fair. Above you can see a classic green John Deere tractor.
    Below is a classic Case traction engine (also green) doing what it was designed to do: Power another piece of equipment.

    Green Power

    And here's the piece of equipment it's powering: A portable sawmill, turning trees into building material.

    Sawing Logs

    And it you want to talk about environmentalism: The trees on the sawmill are a renewable resource and the traction engine is powered by coal, which is a plant-based fuel.

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