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Discussion in 'Disneyland Restaurants and Dining' started by GLUband, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. GLUband

    GLUband Member

    A large population exists in America that is diabetic. What are your favorite treats and meals around the resort that keep you carb and sugar levels in check?
  2. gary

    gary Member

    i;m type 2. i found it helps to snack a lot from the vegetable & fruit carts. there's at least 1-2 places in each park where you can get small cups of a fuit such as pineapple slices or an apple, a banana. etc. dining is a little more challenging, i tend to look for the heart healthy stuff and just eat half of the carb offerings such as mashed potatoes, or try to not get anything pasta i've found if i just stay with good moderate choices that all the walking helps control blood sugar levels, and of course remembering to take my meds on time is a big help
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  3. RedOleander

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    I feel like Disney has gotten really good about offering healthier options. The fruit & veggie carts are everywhere. A lot of the pizza/pasta restaurants offer salads as well - some of them big enough to be an entree all on their own.

    Disneyland has also been really lax about letting foods and snacks in to the park. I like to pack a few different types of things in ziploc baggies to take along. It makes regulating your eating a lot easier, plus if you need to have a certain something right away, you'll have it with you.
  4. GLUband

    GLUband Member

    What do you know about Dole Whips? if you get a small one and split it with your spouse, does it work out as a healthy fruit snack?
  5. gary

    gary Member

    well i wouldn't classify it as a healthy fruit snack because it's really a soft serve ice cream type product, but splitting a small one is certainly not taking in very much and shouldn't produce too much sugar spike. i will occasionally have a whole one, but always the small one these days. and that becomes my only dessert for the day
  6. brandon0818x

    brandon0818x Member

    I've read about this topic several times. In general, I've gathered that, as a diabetic, you can eat almost anywhere you would normally eat without diabetes. Diabetics can eat nearly anywhere they want, as long as blood sugar levels are watched and there is a balance among carbs, sugars, etc.

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