Annual Passes Suspended (again)

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    Glad I renewed mine at PixelMania.

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  3. Genie +/ lighting lanes are also imploding with the higher crowds.

    This video is an hour and 45 minutes long but it's well worth your time.
    It does a deep dive into the failures of this FastPass B.S.

    Under Bob Chapek's leadership It's fairly apparent that he's way out of his league with his greedy, data driven, profits first, cut everything philosophy in leading the parks.

    The fact that they stopped selling park tickets and annual passes for Thanksgiving week sort of proves that Disney, in its current state, is not capable of handling the crowds that they HAD to KNOW were coming.

    I bet there's absolute panic in upper management right now with the realization the guests are overpaying for these vacations and Disney simply can't provide them with anything resembling an expected Disney vacation experience.

    I think about all this cast members that they laid off and how now they really could use them. The housing prices in Orlando are ridiculous. That means that it's going to be extremely hard to hire people at the wages that Disney is paying.

    People simply can't afford to work there and manage to cover their costs of living.

    I really hope that this backlash continues and that the board of directors realizes that Bob Chapek is not the best person to be running Disney. His failures are really problematic for the guests, and it's just eroding guest satisfaction and the desire for repeat visits.

    I can't imagine how bad it's going to get at Christmas if they're having these sorts of problems at Thanksgiving now.

    Disney IT simply cannot handle the app and the demand that's placed on it by the guests.

    This Genie Plus / Lightning Lane system is simply an upcharge ripoff. It pisses me off to no end that Disney is actively creating conditions that are causing these lines to become unmanageable in an effort to persuade people to plunk down their $15 plus whatever they want to pay for these lightning lane attractions.

    I think the Genie Plus system is going to become universally hated by guests because they are experiencing firsthand all the problems that it causes.

    Bob Chapek must have been out of his mind to think that the staffing that he has now could have made this app functional.

    The thing that really bugs me about this Genie Plus system is that they should just scrap it.
    Everybody should just wait in the lines.

    If they had an app that was honest about wait times, like the ones that Touring Plans provides, they could just encourage the guests to self-select their rides based on wait times that they could see in an app.

    People aren't stupid and enough people are using their phones to make this the best choice to solve the crowding problems.

    There's always going to be crowding at the most popular rides when the parks are crowded. Well I was there for 3 weeks in October and November I would just open up touring plans and see where the long lines were and the short lines were and gravitate towards the shorter lines.

    That's it. That's the best that Disney's going to do with managing their lines. Just present accurate wait times for rides and encourage people to look up wait times on the app.

    There is no reason to clog up the lines and jack up the flow with this FastPass garbage...

    End of rant. I shall immensely enjoy watching the parks implode under the stupidity of Bob Chapek's decision making processes. The faster that things implode, the faster that the decisions will have to be made to fix the problems... And problem number one is named Bob Chapek.


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