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Discussion in 'Misc. Posting Board' started by prettypixie, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. prettypixie

    prettypixie Member

  2. JoePenniston

    JoePenniston Member

    that was tougher than I thought... I scored a 25. Is it better to get a lower score??
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  3. Paul

    Paul Member

    24...lower is better
  4. Deniz

    Deniz Member

    whoo hoo! 8!

    (now if only I did that well on finals...)
  5. BB3126

    BB3126 Member

    interesting, I got an 8, was suprised because last time at eye doctor tested me for color blindnes and said I had some due to cataracts starting, an 8 makes me feel better
  6. mSummers

    mSummers Member

    78... that's a tough test. My eye doctor noticed I was starting to have some trouble with blue-green color blindness, but I didn't think it was that bad yet...
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  7. goofy101

    goofy101 Member

    19 suprised myself
  8. zackiedawg

    zackiedawg Member Staff Member

    Wow...tried it myself, and scored a 4!

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  9. PolynesianMedic

    PolynesianMedic Global Moderator Staff Member

    I got a 6. Glad to know that my color vision is ok. Thanks for posting.
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  10. prettypixie

    prettypixie Member

    Your helped make me aware of what I need to concentrate on when I color/photo edit!
  11. gary

    gary Member

    22 here, not too bad for my age and gender, but not great either, oh to be young again
  12. Jeremy

    Jeremy Member

    I got a 12. that really made my eyes go :eek:
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  13. Dan

    Dan Member

    7. I'll bet I could have improved it by a few notches if I'd given my eyes a break and then went back to do one last double check.

    Ya'know, this is interesting to me. I'm fairly bad at gauging color balance. I can see the differences between two pictures that have had their color balance adjusted, but I can't pick one or the other as being apparently better. As a matter of fact I have a lot of difficulty in dealing with any sort of subtlety. Adjusting contrast, brightness, whatever. Yet apparently I'm good at perceiving differences.
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