Wishes Dessert Party

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  1. I just made a reservation for my family to go to this. ; Can't wait! ; So glad it got extended through October. ; Has anyone else gone?
  2. scratch

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    Not yet, but have it booked for our MNSSHP night!

    I don't like their Apple Cobbler at LTT so I figure this will make up for it!
  3. we're going on MNSSHP nite too! ; Can't wait!
  4. We are going as well although not on MNSSHP nite.
  5. ohmigod - if you love dessert, then this is the place for you. ; What a spread! ; the regular chocolate chip coookies and rice crispie treats were plentiful, but there were chocolate truffles of various kinds, little tortes, canolis, and so much more - it was delicious. Coffee, tea, water and fruit punch. Delicious!

    Anyone else enjoy it?

    Great view of fireworks. ; Most people stood at railing (lots of room), but you could see from our table pretty well.
  6. scratch

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    It was a great spread! ; We were lucky, I had a friend that did it a couple of nights prior and they didn't have enough! ; I'm glad we did it! ; Loved the canolis!!!! ; Gave us plenty of energy to go Trick or Treating afterwards!LOL
  7. Ok so I'm the friend that wasn't impressed. By the time we got to the table and got stuff settled (we had 3 kids with us and a person in a scooter) and got to the dessert table half of the plates were empty. They did refill some and my nephew managed to score 3 chocolate covered strawberries and I made him give 2 to his youngest brother and said that he could get some more. No more were ever put out. I never even saw them on the table. They didn't even put out more fruit or rice krispie squares. They ran out of plates and forks and glasses and ice as well.

    They also had nothing cold to drink that was sugar free - I'm a diabetic and this was important. I could have drunk milk or tea but it was so hot that I wasn't drinking tea and milk in hot weather doesn't agree with me.

    The view of the fireworks was great though - we could see them from our table.

    If we go again then I would be first in line and grab plates of food the first time and not expect more to be put out.

    Very disappointed esp. for the cost.
  8. Northernmouse

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    That's part of my trouble for the price charged they had better not run out of desserts. Still think it's way overpriced.
  9. obo101

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    We had a great time at the Wishes Party and it was at a perfect time of night for a break. ; I have watched the fireworks plenty of times in the past, and the cost of the Wishes Dessert Party was well worth the "priority" viewing area that was included...and the treats were pretty good too!!
  10. ok - I've uploaded a couple of photos to photobucket - how do I post them here other than link, which doesn't show photo? (geez, louise!)
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    Go to the photo you want to upload, and select "share". Now select the "Get link code" tab. From this page you cut and paste from the "IMG for Bulletin boards & forums."

    That will show your photo here. ; :)
  12. Yeah - it worked! ; Thanks, amw - I couldn't figure it out! ; That's exactly the sort of hand-holding instructions I was looking for! ; :)

    Last photo was hubby enjoying the wishes desserts. ; This photo is DD3 wanting me to stop taking photos so she can eat her loot!

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    Great pics Shiela!!!!! ; We have the same trick or treat bags (go figure). ; Great t-shirt on husband. ; Did he buy it this year? ; We were looking for some but didn't see anything that nice.

    Very good, ; now that you know how. ; Bring on more!!!!
  14. Thanks. Will try to post more, now that I understand the process. :)

    Hubby's t was from 2005 - we go every 2nd year, and have shirts from 2005. 2007, and 2009. This is his favourite shirt by far. ; This year we didn't see the shirts at the MNSSHP, and when we went back to park next day, showed our bracelets to store manager and asked if there was anyway we could purchase them... he went in the back, put them in bag before giving them to us, and we got them. ; They are black with glow in the dark stuff - pretty cool, but not as nice as the tye-die orange from 2005 (but way nicer than 2007).
  15. view of fireworks from the party

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