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Discussion in 'Where Am I?' started by haunteddoc, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. haunteddoc

    haunteddoc Member

    Maybe this one is a little harder.

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  2. Tim

    Tim Administrator Staff Member

    wow... picking my brain with this one (shouldn't take too long, some would say).
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  3. Craig

    Craig Member Staff Member

  4. goofy101

    goofy101 Member

    Is it in Amimal Kingdom on the walkway to FOTLK?
  5. haunteddoc

    haunteddoc Member

    Japan is correct. You guys are to good. I may start something a little different. I'll post a pick with a tight crop and then loosen the crop a little at a time till someone gets it right. This may make even the easy ones a little harder.
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