what park was your less fav?

Discussion in 'Disney Theme Park Discussion' started by I u diseny, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. I u diseny

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    we are going up to Disney for 6 day but with the way are airport time are we only get 4 ful day at the park..my dh what to go to a water park one of those day so which park would u say was your less ; fav ; , went we go in sept the water park are only open till 5 ; ...any ideals ; I like to see a bit of all park,,

  2. Ham Ham

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    Each park at WDW has a different experience, attractions, dining & entertainment.

    I love all the parks. What helps to enjoy each park is planning so that you can maximize your time.

    If you have small children then the Magic Kingdom has much more for them than the other parks.

    Animal Kingdom is for you if your an animals fan.

    EPCOT is has a more adult interest to it with the World Show Case.

    Disney Hollywood Studios captures the fun of the movies for the whole family.

    Blizzard Beach has an awesome lazy rover and a ski lift to take you to the top.

    The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon can't be beat.

    All the parks have thrill rides and shows you don't want to miss.

    Only this at Disney I'm not eager to do again is Disney Quest.
  3. First off before my lunch with an Imagineer I would have said Animal Kingdom, but since I can no longer say one is a less fav.

    What I would do is try to arrange it so that you plan it so that you do AK in the morning (until about 1-2pm) and then head over to DHS for the rest of the day (This is if you have a park hopper). I would try to do this on a day when DHS has evening extra magic hours.

    This would open a day up to do a water park.
  4. amw

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    Hhmmm... well, I'd hate to miss any of the parks. Do you think you would spend the whole day at the waterpark? Or only the morning? You can combine a morning at the waterpark with one of the parks that's open later.

    Animal Kingdom closes early. I do like that park a lot but you can easily cover it by late afternoon if you pick and choose your shows. It's a good day for having a nice slow dinner afterwards.

    Magic Kingdom really takes a whole day, especially if you want to see any of the parades/fireworks. It's the busiest park so plan time for lines (even in September).

    Epcot is a large park, and one of my kids' favourites. If you like to stroll through the countries and sample foods, you may want a full day for this (we usually plan 2 days - one for Futureworld and one for Showcase). If you're not all that interested in the thrill rides of Futureworld, you could do the waterpark in the morning, and the showcase afterwards. Epcot is open later.

    Hollywood Studios doesn't take the whole day ... except you really should try and see Fantasmic if you can. That's another option park for doing a waterpark in the morning and visiting DHS in the afternoon. Don't miss the brand-new attraction: Toy Story Mania.

    Whatever you do, check out the park hours on the Disney website. That'll allow you to plan your days better.

    It's really hard to fit it all in ... that's what return visits are for! ;;D
  5. amw

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    oops ... we posted at the same time.

    I really like your idea Sorcerer Mickey ... combining AK with DHS. That would allow "I u diseny" to maximize both parks' attractions.

    Look at us planning her trip ; :D
  6. I u diseny

    I u diseny Member

    t ::)hanks for your great ideals
    we be staying at Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside so ; plan the first nigth to go to down town disney, we should get to ; Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside by 5 oclock I hope' ; we hoping to see Fantasmic and made plan to eat at ; hollwood and vine then go to Fantasmic, may be we should hit the water park that day ; first as u guy suggest. The sad thing is the ; waterpark ; open at 10 :'(
    how the pool were we be staying.

  7. RU staying at FQ or Riverside.

    Both resorts have a cool water sides. I personally prefer Riverside.
  8. I u diseny

    I u diseny Member

    we ; staying ; at F Q ; but thinking about changing to riverside but I not sure ; if we can because we got the free dinning
  9. Check with your TA, it should be a simple call for them.
  10. Ham Ham

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    Sorcerer Mikey:
    Nice countdown ticker!

    Where'd you get it?
  11. http://www.mickeypath.com/
  12. I u diseny

    I u diseny Member

    thanks ; I was looking for one ; and now was able to make one ......
    I book my trip on line so I have to call
  13. weemcp

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    Our least fav was DHS....we enjoyed a few of the attractions; but personally found that we probably would enjoy that park more when we go back with children.

    Animal kingdom was great, we didn't do much except for the safari.....and it was totally worth it!

    Epcot is awesome, so much to see and do, I think I could have gone there everyday of vacay and not been bored....

    Magic Kingdom is so much fun, it's where the "magic" of Disney really is IMO

    You'll have a blast
  14. wow - I'd definitely get a park hopper pass. ; Picking up on some of the earlier postings, I personally wouldn't spend a full day at either a water park, Animal Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios - but maybe that's just me. ; To me, a day isn't truly a day at DIsney unless I walk thru Magic Kingdom gates for some part of it - whether it is just to walk down Main Street, ride the carousel, or see the fireworks - I sometimes skip that park as we focus on other ones, but find I'm usually a much happier camper if I zip back there for at least some small fix. ; I miss it too much if I don't. :) ; (I'm the biggest kid in my family of 4, but I think the other 3 are MK junkies too - that's why we always stay at a monorail hotel if we can - cause we know the majority of our time will be focussed in and around MK.)
  15. I too thought that AK was a 1/2 Day park until I had read "Imagineering Field Guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World" and had lunch with a Disney Imagineer. ; This book helped "as an Adult" enjoy detail of the park. I have personally taken over an hour (with my 9 yr old son) going thru the queue at Everest. As the Imagineer said "To see some of the magic you really need to stop and turn around 360º. The magic surrounds you. Remember the parks and resorts are just as much as an attraction as a ride.

    On my next trip (Mousefest in December) I am travelling solo (No wife, no kids). This is to enable me to check out all of the Magic, be it the windows on Main Street to the foot prints on the paths at Animal Kingdom. I know that I will miss them but on our next trip I will be able to share the Magic I walked right passed on my last trip.

    I hope this little tid bit will help you enjoy the Magic a bit more.
  16. Northernmouse

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    I am growing to love Animal Kingdom more and more every time I go and DHS less and less. I'm hopng that the changes at Pixar place will help the studios. I find that many of the attractions there are stale once you've done them a few times especially the stage shows. It's the streetmosphere that keeps me going back it's the best of any park.
  17. Miss Megara

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    After we do Sunset Blvd, I'm ready to leave. ; Toy Story Mania! was a great addition; but doesn't make up an entire park. ; It's like Spiderman at IOA. ; Sure the one ride is fantastic, but the rest of the park...not so much.

    It was better years ago when MGM was an actual working studio. ; I loved going into Art of Animation to see what *new* movie they were working on. ; I think that the Studios got the worst of the new attractions for the Happiest Celebration on Earth. ; Rumour has it that they will get the Monsters Inc. roller coaster for WDW's 40th. ; I really hope that rumour holds true. ;

    They REALLY need to update a lot of things and somehow I just don't see that an American Idol attraction is the answer. ; Yes, we know that the 'guy in the loud shirt' is in on the performance at Indy. ; Muppet 3-D's technology pales in comparison to Phil. ; And don't even get me started on Star Tours. ; ::)

    I rank the parks in the following order:

    1) MK
    2) EPCOT
    3) DAK
    4) DHS
  18. mini-canadian

    mini-canadian Member

    For me, I totally agree with DHS being my/our least favourite! ; I would say that as two adults, Animal Kingdom would be our favourite, we can spend two days there and enjoy every aspect of the park. ;

    Funny enough, when we do a water park, we go usually from 10 til about 3 and then head back and change and go to DHS (usually try for an extra magic hours night), get fastpass for TOT and watch a few street shows etc. do whatever else interests us, then head to Fantasmic, so DHS ends up being a half day park for us.

    Magic Kingdom and Epcot for us (again as adults only) are tied. ; There is nothing like walking down mainstreet, it is "DISNEY", but can find so many things good in both parks.

    Our list would go:

    1. ; Animal Kingdom
    2. ; Magic Kingdom
    3. ; Epcot
    4. ; DHS
  19. It's always so interesting and educational to read other's perspectives. ; I'll have to look for that guide, Sorcerer, sounds intriguing - but I somewhat have an "in" at Animal Kingdom (at least in terms of background knowledge) - my uncle works there (retired from US Air Force after 20 years, then went to work at Disney - he's a technician and works on making sure the rides function properly - he's worked at Epcot, and AK mostly over the years - which I think is over 20 at this point - longer than he was in the military. ; So I often get neat tidbits from him on the lowdown about Disney workings, ride detail, what it's like to be a cast member, changes over the years - I'll have to ask him to do a formal interview some day, if Disney allows that kind of thing!)

    Anyway, if I had to rank, I'd say:
    2. Epcot
    3. AK
    4. MGM/ HS

    It's a tough choice between 3 and 4 for me - because I love Fantasmic! so much. ; But - there you have it.

  20. I u diseny

    I u diseny Member

    I really like Animal Kingdom ; and the water park went we go back ; in aug we plan to go there again

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